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    PC Magazine - "Whatever you Like"

    Written by: Poeta Demonio

    Welcome to PC’s magazine!

    I’d like to start by saying that both I and Emily are extremely proud that our little poetry
    community is probably the most active, talent saturated section of the site currently.
    Old vets to new heads are poppin’ up all the time to add new work and feed existing pieces.
    So thank you very much one and all for making the section a productive, conducive enjoyable environment.

    The aim of the Magazine is to exhibit the best work that the community is coming out with and to
    help new talent gain a little exposure so folks know that they are dope and worth reading/feeding.
    We have two interviews lined up and a lot of Uber nice pieces to share with you. It’s like free KFC in this bitch!

    Interview with Truth Iscariot
    By: Emily

    Thanks Truth for this interview.
    You and your writing were definitely missed.
    What is it that brought you back to this site?

    This site has always been one of my favorite mediums for feedback on the things I'm working on.
    Also just the fact this site is still going is always amazing to me. It's nostalgic af to post on here.

    What are the drawbacks in your opinion, where RB is concerned?
    What would you like to see more of on RB?

    This site needs more activity point blank. More feedback, more battles, more poems, more topicals, more people.
    More activity from mods. I went there lol. The thing about it is we're adults now and the kids of today haven't taken
    to the writing and battling as we did back in the day. I truly fear this site and rap forums in general will be a
    generational phenomena.

    Tell me about your writing process...
    Do you have a special time of the day that gets the most out of you,
    or can you sit anywhere, at any time, and have something to write about?

    In all honesty things just hit me. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes at night, sometimes in the shower,
    sometimes at work. I feel like my mind is constantly flowing over words and scenarios and thinking about how
    to write about it. Playing with words. That being said I only finish like 10% of the things I come up with. And I
    don't even know if it's the best 10% it's just the 10% I finish. I've come up with some bad ass lines that simply
    aren't enough to post but I felt I needed to write down.

    Do you have any tricks up your sleeve for writers block?
    I as a writer, am writing block's little bitch. But to quote the intro to Canibus' Poet Laureate II,
    the problem is too much. Try narrowing things down. I like to look at it as me not being about to
    write anything but too much or too many potential ways to take a topic.

    What sort of writing do you like to read?
    I love to read all types of writing. Poetry, Novels, articles. You name it and I'll probably read it.
    I'm just truly in love with words and how people put them together. The most recent thing I've been reading is
    The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin.

    If you could have written any song in history, which one would you pick?
    This is a tough fucking question lol. People like Bob Marley and Simon & Garfunkel, Tupac, Kurt Cobain,
    Johnny Cash have all influenced me and written amazing songs....fuck....lol, probably The times are a-changin
    by bob Dylan. Very well written, catchy yet meaningful, and always relevant. The times are always a-changin

    What would you consider are your writing strengths and your writing weaknesses?
    My biggest strength (in my eyes) has always been my ability to make the reader feel what I want them to feel.
    I think I have a way of describing emotions that really hits home with people. Biggest weakness is probably the way
    I structure my writing. The flow of it is never as good on paper as it is in my head. Always I have a tendency to not
    proofread as well as I should.

    Do you write to a plot or just wing it and see where it takes you?
    A bit of both. Sometimes I'll know what's going on and I just have to figure out how to piece it together.
    Other times it's all on a whim. I'm just as surprised writing it as the reader is reading what happens.
    I prefer the latter, I think it feels more natural and it's more fun.

    You and I have collaborated a few times now. Do you think there’s a special ingredient
    involved when people collab, or do you think people should be able to match up with anyone and make magic happen?

    Some styles definitely mesh better than others. I feel like you and I have never had a problem meshing our writing.
    Our collabs always seem to come off well and feel natural. I've collabed with other writers and witnessed the exact opposite.
    Dagel is a great writer, I think I'm pretty decent, we've collabed before and our styles just didn't mesh that well. It didn't feel
    natural, it didn't have that factor of seeming like both writers were working towards the same conclusion. That's what makes a
    great collab great.

    Do you find you need motivation to start crafting words, even if it’s just a simple keystyle?
    I can always flow words off top. That being said I feel like my best writing comes when I'm moved by someone,
    something, or an event. It's always easier when your heart is really in it. Though it's fun to write for the sake of
    writing about nothing lol.

    Approximately how long would it take you to write an om?
    30 mins if I'm truly focused and I know what I want to do with that OM. If I'm fumbling for a way to write to the topic
    or I'm feeling like I keep running into walls trying to get from the beginning to the designated end of the piece it can take days...

    How do you feel about the feed situation on RB?
    It's horrible. The amount of feed is scant at best and the average quality of feed is shit. To be blunt.
    There used to be 'how to feed' threads stickied, we need that back. But the biggest problem, once more, is activity.
    Some people leave better feed than others but slim pickings on people always means slim pickings on feed.
    We need active, hungry, writers. The enthusiasm of these writing sections has dropped to what I truly feel is an all time low.

    If you could meet any writer, alive or dead, who would you pick and why?
    That's a tough one. Hard to narrow it down. It would be easy to say a great American, Whitman or Hemingway.
    Kafka comes to mind. Of course it would be amazing to meet some of my RB correspondents such as yourself or
    Trajik, Fatt seems like he'd be awesome to chat with over a spliff. Probably would have to go with Edgar Allen Poe.
    Cliche as it sounds he was a major influence on me when I was young. A lot of my writing has been compared to his
    (stylistically not in terms of quality) I would want him to recite some of the poems he burned as well I know there
    was at least one classic in the bit that was destroyed.

    Thank you Truth for the time you’ve taken for this interview.
    Any last thoughts?

    Thank you Em, this was fun. I hope this mag sparks some inspiration. Much love to all the writers who
    are still here sharing their art.


    Poem of the Month
    Written by: Emily
    We had an interesting lot of drops for last month’s Poem of the month.
    They all deserved a mention in this mag, but we don't have that kind of time
    so here's a few of the stand out poems.
    But tbh, I was really impressed with the calibre of pieces. It just proves what talented writers we
    Have here in this pc hub of ours. Hats off to all of you.

    The winner of last month’s Poem of the Month was IronMic…..Congratulations.

    Just a spark
    Offers contrast so stark it
    Hearkens to a heart darkened
    By the ashes of family and friends long forgotten
    I often gaze back and ponder consequence
    They walked– refused to watch me
    Coughing towards a coffin
    Oxygen seems optional as each step taken robs waves of consciousness
    But I’ve found a partner who takes every bit of breath away and that’s uncommon
    My heart is hers and she makes it pound like no other
    No ordinary lover I place none above her
    Craving carcinogenic kisses from my cancer causing mistress
    As my life nears its filter that rush hits – Oh! How I’ve missed this
    My eyes grow heavy as she envelopes me sweetly
    Addiction is just a word for those who don’t know
    The nuance of necessity completely

    Truth Iscariot
    Hours singe as I hold smoke within
    I'll burn my life away
    Forsake friend & family. These cigs are damning me.
    Adddiction tells me it's the key to perseverance.
    This nicotine helps the man in me retain sanity.
    I can candidly recall visions of the violence that would befall
    If I don't:
    Light it, puff it, drag.....
    Exhale to expel the pint up rage. How'd I get to this stage?
    Garnishing the leading role in this play. A tragedy recurring on broadway. Murder in broad daylight
    But it's not a knife that kills its my lack of will
    To crave vacation in a capsule.
    To seek Hawaii in a can. To Check my pockets
    Ensuring I've got my lighter with my left
    20 pack of death with my right hand.
    "I'm straight" for now. Until I hear the sound
    Of wheezing and have to call a family meeting
    To break the news my lungs are failing.
    I can see my daughter sobbing
    I can hear my future wife wailing
    But it all seems so distant vision failing
    In the haze of smoke that dances slow in night air.
    There's always time for recourse
    If I might care to change ways and circumvent remorse
    I'll never end up amidst the sorts who depend on Chemo cocktails
    Weakened to a walking corpse
    Lungs beaten to the point machines force air in and out
    Oxygen mask perched around my mouth.
    That won't be me.
    I'll simply sustain life & this habit on well wishing
    I'll light it, puff it, drag....
    Death is already in the bag-this purchase is inevitable
    Even if my family doesn't have the cash
    To lay my cancer stricken body to rest
    20 Pack of Death
    Look at the depths to which I've crept...

    Fatrick Swayze
    Puff puff swings the pendulum
    Sweet chariot, sweat bullets
    Brushing eyelids, swept the rain
    It's a breeze none like it
    It's a tease if you just light it.
    Cool calm and collect, take a drag.
    Smooth menthol taste
    Such a waste.

    Years plotted over puffs clocked
    But it's rush, and never enough
    Spark the light, ignite your stress...
    ..away. Harbinger.

    Cultivated short breaths, pace yourself
    A pull or two, a tug of war that's cancer

    Peace in the world
    The way it dances between the lips
    Like words....that...that...
    ..I can't think of it at the moment

    Addiction's a habit..
    or is it the other way around?
    A reality curbed by repetitions

    Revolving images. The placement..
    of a cigarette between two fingers.
    Creating peace in the world


    A fork in the cove
    Warm summer glow
    Walking distance in that old Tobacco Road.
    Johnny Cash's raspy arpeggio
    Lambasting that dusty soul
    Crackling tune of a match
    Oldtime radio
    Addiction captured with wavelengths
    Let the music play.
    Peace in the world.

    Interview with Jukon
    By: Emily
    Thanks Jukon for the interview. Let's do it.
    How long have you been writing, and what genre of writing did you start with?
    I wrote a little when I was younger but didn't take it seriously until I got on here,
    the people on this site were motivating at the time and helped me and showed
    me the way. I started off writing shitty text verses and progressed into shitty
    topicals. Poetry was my last stop and I think I made the right choice keeping
    up with it.

    Does writing still grab you like it used to?
    To be honest, no.

    What do you find challenging where your writing is concerned?
    A concept that hasn't been done time and time again.

    Do you write at a desk with paper and pen? Or do you prefer the pc?
    I write 98% of my work on my phone on an advanced notepad app.

    How do you get the best work out of yourself?
    I never sit and just try to write, it happens organically. Normally out of anger.

    What is it about writing that you enjoy, and do you think there will ever be
    a time in your life where you won’t need to write anymore?
    Or... do you think there will always be a part of you that needs to write
    in order to release whatever emotions are trying to break free.

    I've gone months without writing, it doesn't make me angry to not write. There
    will most likely be a time when I don't write at all and it won't matter.

    How long would it take you to write a piece for pc?
    Depends on my mood, typically it takes me 10 minutes to write the piece, maybe another
    10 to edit it and decide if I want to post it or not.

    Which poet did you grow up reading and, do you still admire their work
    the way you used to back then?

    Charles Bukowski and yes, he's one of the greats in my opinion and
    I craft my writing based off his tone and style.

    Tell me what you would consider your writing strengths, and your writing weaknesses.
    What advice would you give aspiring writers?

    My strength is being able to make the reader feel what I'm feeling as they're reading
    my pieces. A weakness would be I don't take the time to completely work out a concept
    or wordplays, etc. And the only advice I can give is to be true to yourself and
    take your time.

    Talk to me a little bit about how you think your writing has evolved since you first started writing on RB.
    If you could have been the original writer of any book, which book would you choose?

    When I first started writing I had no knowledge of multis, rhyme flow, or how to craft
    an interesting concept. I wrote about cancer, death, etc. The usual stuff, but being on this
    site, reading other people's work, really motivates you to be creative and stand out
    amongst a crowd of people who are doing the same thing you are.
    As for the book, it would be The Muse by Charles Bukowski

    If you could meet any writer, alive or dead, who would you pick and why?
    Charles Bukowski, he's probably my real dad.

    What do you think is missing from RB? What would you like to see on this site?
    I think people dwell too much on what we don't have and miss out on what we do have.
    Take a look around the site, find new writers to read that you haven't in the past.

    What are your thoughts on the feed situation here at RB.
    Nothing is perfect, it's better than it has been in the past. And I hope the members
    realize how much work the staff is putting in to making this a better place.

    Thank you so much Jukon for your time. I appreciate it : )
    Any last thoughts?



    Spotlight Poems
    Written by: Emily

    We’ve had some great work submitted. I thought I’d show a collection from a broad range of writers in this mag.
    We’ve had some new writers, welcome, and we’ve still got our loyal writers who’ve never left us and always drop
    what we love…passion. The feed situation still sucks, but I guess we can’t complain too much because considering
    we have a no link rule, we still get feed. I would like to remind people though that if you want feed, it’s only fair to
    give feed. And one more thing, people should give the type of feed that they’d expect to get. If you’d like at least a
    paragraph of feed, you giving one sentence to another writer won’t ensure you get paragraph.
    Just the way the cookie crumbles. You get what you give.

    Poeta Demonio - Age of Empires
    Jukon - imprint
    TheIllyricist - The Sword
    Letterman - Beautiful Mind
    Kaotic Theory & KingSlayer - The Butterfly Effect
    WalkerBlack - On the Rooftop
    Fatrick Swayze - Perched
    Truth Iscariot - Mother's Day
    143 - She Came
    Conceptual - Through the Eyes of a Child

    Great work people. Thanks for dropping work and supporting PC.
    Thanks for making it a home to those of us who find poetry isn’t just in a written format, but in everything we see.
    This is one part of the board where some of us feel entirely at home.

    On behalf of Poeta Demonio, Jukon and myself,
    Thank you for flying with Poets Corner.
    We hope you had a comfortable journey and see you next time.

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    Re: PC Magazine - "Whatever you Like"

    Really good job Em! Nice work.

    “¡Viva la Revolución!”

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    Re: PC Magazine - "Whatever you Like"

    Quote Originally Posted by Poeta Demonio View Post
    Really good job Em! Nice work.

    team effort. thanks to you and juke.

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    Re: PC Magazine - "Whatever you Like"

    You forgot something...

    Fail Of The Month
    Mr Elmsby's Brief Poetry Modhood

    While Mr Elmsby is the pinnacle of masculinity and human potential, his valor and ingenuity were both monopolized in external affairs, thus leaving his brilliant idea of a Short Story League to have merely one classic masterpiece instead of the bounty that was truly desired.
    Before, I was merely The Ultimate Hero and the only true champion. Now, some group of kiddos named AI has accepted me as their idol to be worshiped and revered. But I can still be your hero too.

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    Re: PC Magazine - "Whatever you Like"

    great job, guys. short and sweet - interesting read all the way through

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    Re: PC Magazine - "Whatever you Like"

    Nice job.

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    Re: PC Magazine - "Whatever you Like"

    Dope Mag....

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    Best Topical Writer: 143

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    Re: PC Magazine - "Whatever you Like"

    Nice job. Props to you guys keeping this shit rolling along. Almost makes me wanna start writing again lol.

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    Re: PC Magazine - "Whatever you Like"

    This was a super enjoyable read. Super cohesive and it was nice getting to know the interviewee.

    Also, thanks <3

    greetings netizens

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