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Thread: July Poem of the Month

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    July Poem of the Month

    Pics and words.

    Let's see what you've got.

    Deadline: July 30 2017

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    Re: July Poem of the Month

    Consequences are often constant instances
    A cavalcade of twisted truths tribing with lies
    Sometimes I wonder how does it unravel when rapture is involved?
    Is it revolutionary to the standards one may hold or deceptive to the action parceled?
    The only thing that I know is that once consequences are made...nothing stays the same

    Comparing it to a flame that changes the color of the skin of a marshmallow
    Angel softness and whiteness turning into a crunchy afterthought that lacks appeal
    And this is what my dear Sarafina hold as she filters my texts in my phone
    Samsung acting like Maury with lie detector test results
    "You said that you were playing basketball till 4am with friends, her female text detector determines that was a lie...."
    I mean I am a fast talker but Star Wars parsecs don't equate enough time to save my ass...

    I remember entering the living room with a plate of Nigga Nachos (Blue Tortilla Chips, Liquid Nacho Cheese, Shredded Asiago Cheese, Dennison's Chili, 1/2 Pound of Ground Beef and Mexican Creme) waiting for NBA Finals to start.
    My dog in the fight was heavily the favorite like a Pit Bull against a Chihuahua
    She candidly sitting on the couch with a seasoned issue of Vogue playing with her eyes
    I could sense that something was arise
    Her normality action when Nigga Nachos are around is to invoke imminent domain and commandeer half of it
    But she was cool
    Damn near innocent
    2 minutes into the game and no wandering hand to my tray sized plate
    Somethings up and like a man, I had to ask why
    With the question posed, it gave a window for actions to commence
    "Who the fuck is this bitch?"
    Transferring my transgressions to her mobile, it hit me like a badge of a cop
    "I don't know who that fuck this is!!!"

    Mistake two...
    Drew ire as she chronologically dismembers me abstractly
    Fuck them nachos how do I escape
    I place different escape routes visually yet none came to fruition

    Then I heard the words that cleared me from my foggy state

    "We are done..."

    My face was plastered with surprise
    Thinking that I wouldn't be able to put Magic Shell Ice Cream topping on those soft juicy nipples or partake in the bob and weave of those soft lips in the luxurious head game she posses that almost kept me from cheating
    I blinked and the bitching resumed
    Which made a bitch be pitched and transform my arms into backhoe scoops
    I lifted this complainer out of her seat and dropped her on the floor standing like a Gundam over a building
    In amazement her eyes flushed out the final commands and sought immediate retrobution
    Two cracks of thunder and I was leaking....

    I can see her smirk as the curtains end scene
    Smelling light traces of smoke

    Sarafina now sits in a cold dark room remembering the Nigga Nachos and my love that I burned away...smiling.....

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