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    A name to make

    I ain't a veteran like what's Vietnam
    But if I get on a sniper 360 head shot
    I'm the fucking bomb leave you with holes like a miner but thats something minor
    I Am blessed born the best let that shit be addressed
    So I suggest let that digest rhymes compressed no rest no contest the wild west airs stressed chest pressed like death vest
    With me there isn't a life vest
    Cuz I ain't one of you
    I ain't considered apart of everybody
    Cuz I ain't just anybody
    Got other rappers looking enviously
    Cuz I'm a nobody
    Doing better than everybody
    And if you considered a goat
    I'm Muslim I don't eat pork
    I sacrifice you for my belief
    With a plate of rice best believe
    Like a beliber but fuck justin bieber
    Super hot you Niggas practice your fire drills?
    The Sadam to rap Cuz I'm inspired to kill
    Nah Nas I'm the don with higher skills
    I tear the elites like shredder rips sheets
    White rabbits acting like teenage mutant turtles
    You Niggas kinda hot like April
    April fools
    Rip Tupac but don't worry I'm hitting these Niggas up
    Wakein em up em take a rest I took that biggie juice
    Throwing thunder at them like Zeus
    I don't care if your superman I got a kryptonite like bruce
    My words are my gadgets my brains is my Bat belt
    So giving you a piece of my mine is an explosive boomerang how that felt
    And Im an Arab so boom bang
    And if you talking money I got that shit stacked like bruce wayne
    And if you step up ill bring smack down
    Like the rock pull out my Johnson fuck your bitch raw let her bed rock like wayne in a 3some with Dwayne
    That shit went crazier than Kanyes famous porn vid
    You got Taylor Swift Nigga I got Selena gomez she got bigger tits
    You'd think I was lamar once you saw this control verse
    But I fucked up this beat way worse
    Y'all are sheep's, a herd
    I'm a leader, ur Shepherd

    BTW about the white rabbits and mutant turtles bar I'm not talking about race I'm talking about fake gangsters.
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