The OG Handbook (Updated 11/7/2016)

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Thread: The OG Handbook (Updated 11/7/2016)

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    Post The OG Handbook (Updated 11/7/2016)

    I won't be too long with this, just wanted to run a few details by yall of how things are gonna be w/ me as moderator of this league.

    • The league already operates faster than a weekly basis, so if votes are slow and we're off schedule, don't worry....also;
    • Just remember that this league will run at the pace yall want it to, it's not particularly up to me....also;
    • The way it'll be organized is: battles will be set up on Day 1, Day 2 is check-in day, Day 3 is punch day, Day 4 is vote day. Then it repeats;
    • So, never rely on your memory for when battles open and close. just log in and peep the league if you want to be sure
    • If yall want mags(ik yall do), then send me material. depending on how much yall ask and how much content is provided, I'll do them accordingly.
    • If I change the rules and you don't like it, PM me
    • If you don't like the way voting is going and niggas finna rob you -- get a life
    • If you want to explain your bar(s) to some dumb ass lil boy who is voting on your battles uninformed, PM them;
    • And please, don't play games with me. I'm not even a true-mod type of guy. I really like competing more than modding, but if you violate in this league I aint finna keep dealing with the bullshit;
    • For example, my biggest rule in here is to not talk about battles/votes in the chat thread. that's a big pet peeve of mine, I wish yall would just PM each other. it's only courteous of your opponent.

      As of 10/30/2016
    • Check-Ins are no longer required.
    • 2 bars, no matter how many people are battling, are no longer part of the normal set of rules for a battle.

      As of 11/6/2016
    • Participants will receive one warning for swaying, and then be banned for the season if they violate again.

      As of 11/7/2016
    • 1-2 Season XXVI will run to 20 rounds.

    That's it, let's put this work in fellas.
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