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    Cool Is It Possible

    Is It Possible

    Is it even possible?
    This feeling that Iím feeling
    How can you miss someone?
    You never even officially met
    How can you crave a touch?
    You have never even felt
    Is it truly possible?
    To hunger for a kiss
    That you never really savored
    But long for the heat
    Of a body youíve never laid next to
    Yearn for a whisper
    From a voice youíve never heard
    Tell me
    I need to know
    I have to know
    Is it possible?
    I find myself staring
    Desiring to rub faces
    With a face Iíve never held
    Thirsting to swallow a soul
    I have never physically met
    Wanting to be held
    In an embrace Iíve never known
    I am slowly losing my sanity
    Anticipating the answer
    Tell me now
    I need to know
    I have to know
    Is it possible?
    To want to unravel you
    When I havenít gotten to know you
    I think so
    I believe itís possible
    Maybe this craving
    Is a testament through time
    That testifies to us
    Lovers in past lives
    Predestined to meet again
    And again and again
    In every new life
    Repeating a tightly knitted
    Pattern woven through eternity
    An endless love
    That will stand
    No matter what comes
    That not even death itself
    Can interfere with

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    Re: Is It Possible

    I like the structure of this one as it really builds the emotions here. This is similar to the last one or maybe a connective poem as this being the precursor to "Baby I need you" and the after thought of "Supernatural Lovers". Again your ability to pull out simplistic emotions in a the rawest of states is the highlight of this poem. The way you keep the movement wrapped in feelings and wants in the shortest of lines very few can put together. Keep at it and I would like to see something where you're not bringing any emotions to it from a relationship point of view.

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