Everyone is required to vote on EVERY battle.
1 vote deduction for every battle link missed.
Failure to meet quota results in 1 week boot.
Failure to meet voting quota twice times results in 2 week boot.
Failure to meet voting quota 3 times results in boot remainder of season/playoffs.
Only votes from 1-2 Punch season 23 participants will count.
Non 1-2 punch votes will be allowed as feedback but will not count towards final tally.
Example of an acceptable vote:

Quote Originally Posted by Nahlidge View Post
Smog n Let in the finals ? Someone loan a punch cos these cats really need one.
I'll hit these faggots w/ so many fly kicks - the new Jordan's 6's'll have a nation wide refund.
-I thought this was cool, at first I thought it was a reach with the punch/kick reference. But I think the Jordan 6/finals reference was cool. I just think the wordin' on this was pretty bad.

Smog wears the pants. He maid ill his bitch but chances of offspring are kinda slim
Unless he wants to see decrease in his genes...every night when Kay's done ironing them
-Nice, I like the maid/bitch work slap that you hit kay with lol. but I don't think you really dissed smog. you kinda big upped him lol.

These faggot fucks ain't felt, it's obvious along the ways some massive luck was dealt...
When all it takes is knuckles to silence letter K.... or anybody tryna grab or touch my belt...
-I think you shoulda spelled out Kay, but other than that I thought this was nice.

I think smog got this. Kay had bad wording. So it was between Letterman and Smog to me. And Letterman didn't really diss Smog with his punch imo.

Vote - Smog
Example of an Unacceptable vote:

Quote Originally Posted by miracle View Post

i thought letter was choppy.. n smogs bar got little choppy toward the end..with saying 'or' twice
Battle Rules
Punches must be dropped AFTER both participants check in.
Failure to check in on time will result in loss and battler will be replaced in the battle.
NO EXTENSIONS. It's only 1 bar.
NO editing punches after your opponent drops
Biting will result is league/site ban.
Recycling will result in DQ and league ban.