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    Open Mic

    We, The Fallen

    We have a ravenous disease, we of the blasphemous sleaze
    In need of ravishment; Please, you sacrilegious tease
    Fall upon your knees and come with me into the trees
    Where I will kiss you free with the Devil’s brush
    Breaking chains to your animal lust, it must…


    Cosmic explosions; exodus fires
    These caustic motions of unspoken liars
    Burned the churches from the wilds
    As broken verses rain in fallen spires,
    And from the ruins we will build from this
    Devastation a savage wilderness
    Bone by bone we carve our crosses
    And lead you I will, the darkest prophet
    To worship at the altar of pleasure’s promise;

    And together we fallen,
    Let us bathe within sin-kissed coffins


    Welcome you fuckers. You sinners, you drinkers, you addicts; crazy all of you are. This is my corner, the corner of mine. Sit down and relax. Let’s float around in the pools of our devil’s thoughts. We the writers shall celebrate with our glasses of sweet red sin held high.

    Congratulations all, you’re a spectacular group.

    Alright, I’m off the poetic crazy shit now. What’s up everybody. It’s me, The Illyricist. This is Illy’s Corner. I’m here to take a look at Open Mic and tell you all the dope shit that’s going on around here. From my glances at really incredible pieces, to the top five writers of Open Mic (in my perspective), and much more. So, I guess the first thing to do is to talk about myself. Hey, it’s only right I hype myself; this is Open Mic after all. I’m the modern Beethoven out here composing lyrical masterpieces y’all could only dream of… lol maybe not THAT good. Let’s get this shit on the road!

    About Me

    I go by The Illyricist, the name was randomly chosen; kind of like a lot of the things I do in my life. I’m strolling through the days til’ I get to the point where I want to be. I’ve got aspirations to be a novelist, a poet, a screenwriter… a writer in general. Funny thing is I never imagined myself as a writer when I started high school. I had a few interests, some passions, but no personal direction. Kinda’ liked doing these fun skit projects my English teacher gave us. I was able to make the class laugh, but still I wasn’t a good writer by any means. Sophomore year I wrote an open response and she had two of them she wanted to read out loud. One an A+, one an A++. I was the top dog that day, lol. Couldn’t really believe it to be honest. That was life-changing for me, to feel that my voice was praised and valued like that.

    I could be good at writing, I could be better. And from there, everything kind of took off. Writing here and there, getting into college in Boston and all that. I’ve done three different internships out in Los Angeles helping out with production companies and am currently on the lookout for jobs now while doing a few side jobs and part time. Hollywood life is kind of addicting, in good ways and bad ways. Night life is way too fun, and meeting people who created some of my favorite shows is SO FUCKING COOL! Oh, the warm weather is tight too. Back in the Northeast now tho so we’re just getting done with these goddamn cold as fuck winters.

    Got many hobbies from reading and writing, to playing basketball and watching. I’ve got this weird assortment of favorite teams that I don’t know how it happened but it did. My pro teams are generally New England squads but in college I love the Kansas Jayhawks in bball, LSU Tigers in football, and my other favorite team in the MLB other than the Red Sox are the St. Louis Cardinals. It’s a random conglomeration and that’s how I like it.

    If I’m to recommend my favorite authors to people, I don’t have a set list cus’ I don’t know how to rate the best and worst. It changes all the time depending on the mood. Faulkner, Hemingway, Shakespeare, Poe, John Knowles, Tim O’Brien, George R.R. Martin, this list could go for a while. From “high-class” “art” literature to fantasy and sci-fi. I love it all. Hemingway might just be the favorite though; he really speaks to the silences and gives this face to the inner self so we can look at it and grapple with it.

    Guess the best way to finish this all off is to say why I love to write. Well, because it means something to me. I want to share my thoughts, let people breathe in the happiness, pain, nostalgia, everything I’ve lived through. It helps me as a person to put it all down, to learn to accept and move on, to release anger and face the harder truths. Most of all, it’s fun. I do it for me because I have fun doing it. Also, I take as much from my own writing as I do from reading and reviewing others. So, guess this is as good a time as any to shift over to our next segment which is…
    Writer’s Workshop

    I’m going to keep this clean and simple. These are things I’ve been taught, things I’ve decided on my own. But these are a list of things that I think would help us become better writers.

    1. Show, don’t tell.

    Yeah, I know. Real original on that one. But fucking seriously, it’s amazing how many people still don’t necessarily get this. Look, not everything is ALL show without any telling. There’s probably an ideal of 75% show and 25% tell in any piece of written work. But, don’t tell me how clever this dude is in your piece. Don’t tell me how insane this guy is. Show it to me. This is why The Tell Tale Heart by Poe is so effective. The man is so calm, and rational in his explanation of the case for his sanity while he describes the butchering and storing of body parts under floorboards that we can SEE that he’s a psychopath. It’s a hundred times more effective than a line of someone writing “The man is completely sane for killing this dude and hiding his body, because by hiding it he will be able to potentially conceal his guilt.” NOT EVERYONE WRITE’S that terribly, but I’ve seen a few pieces where people have come close to this.

    2. Cliché Means Death

    The writer’s reaper will come up from the underworld and smite your horrible soul with his scythe every time you use one of these clichés. “Love is a battlefield.” I’m cringing. You should be too you bastards. Now if you wrote this elegant piece about a battlefield with scars and wounds, the soldiers/characters involved with gorgeous symbolism, metaphors, and rhyme scheme? Congratulations – this is how you avoid clichés.

    3. Purple Prose

    This is the thing I’m guilty of the most. When you write and try too hard, you fall subject to writing these elegant strands of prose that while they may be beautiful; they can be a hindrance to the reader and also a hindrance to you in advancing the meaning of your work. I work tirelessly to stop myself from doing this, frequently checking whether I’m showing off technical prowess and imagination by sacrificing the substance of the content.

    4. Bombastic-ness

    When I can tell that you’re sifting through the thesaurus grabbing big words that don’t add any depth to your piece other than making yourself look smart… I’ll probably call you out on it. I call myself out on it all the time. Every sacred scripture piece (and every piece in general) I write, I make sure to look at each line and word and ask myself whether I used this word for a reason or because it makes me look smart. If it doesn’t have importance, get rid of it.

    5. Kill Your Children

    “Does this word/line have an important relevancy to the story?”
    This is relevant to number four as well.

    Perhaps the most important thing for every writer to learn. To the above question: If it doesn’t, scrap it. I don’t care how cool the word or line is, fucking scrap it. You’ll be ten times the writer when you learn how to kill your children. And by children, I mean that clever shit you write and go “Oh man that’s so dope I gotta have that.” Sorry to break it to you, but it’s not that dope if it doesn’t fit the scheme of what you’re trying to do. It’s just hollow words.

    6. You Are The Shit

    If there’s one final thing I leave you with in this list of writing rules (I’m keeping it simple because if I didn’t I could go on forever. This list covers the core of what you need to be an excellent writer) then what I want you to understand the most is that YOU ARE THE SHIT. You’re awesome. Your voice means something not only to yourself, but others. Don’t sit on the sidelines when you have an opinion, voice it. Even if that opinion is factually unsupportable; you’re not going to learn to fix your voice and train your voice to say things with substantial meaning unless you fucking put the work in. BE CONFIDENT in what you have to say. Straddle the line between confidence and cockiness like a professional.

    I’ve been to so many workshops that I see people say things like, “this is horrible, but…”, “not my best work, but…”, “I just wrote this in like twenty minutes last night, but…”. Fucking stop it. Stop yourself right there. Don’t make excuses for yourself for writing bad shit. Hell, I don’t even know if you wrote bad shit but I can tell that you think it’s bad. Two things. Either get better at it, or become more confident. Truth is, you can do both. I don’t want you to waste my time or your time by giving out shit. Look, we all start with awful writing. Every one of us has broken these rules horrendously the moment we started writing. But keep getting better, keep thinking about how cool the imaginative visions you have are, keep thinking… no, keep BELIEVING that your words are cool. YOU ARE THE SHIT. You should have a mentality that you’re the best writer out there. I’m not telling you to go out and be a snobby elitist dick to the faces of others, remember… this is a mentality. I want you to believe that you’re the shit, and the more you keep up wrting and learning, the more you’re going to prove it not only to yourself but others. You can always get better, so keep writing. You can always learn more, so keep listening. You can become as good as your idols; in truth, you can become better. So don’t bullshit yourself with lies, don’t be an asshole when you review other people’s work but also don’t lie about it. Don’t sweeten up your criticisms. We’re all gonna’ have to learn to take the good with the bad. If you can’t, you won’t make it. But you can.

    Because you’re the shit.

    Open Mic Opinions

    What do I think of Open Mic? It’s dope. The people here are dope (most of the time). The works here are dope (some of the time). Is it all sunshine and rainbows around here (look at that cliché, I’m such a hypocrite)? No. So, here’s my pros and cons of the Open Mic section.

    The Negative

    1. Rhyme-focused works

    Most of my complaint here comes from the fact that this place is called Open Mic. An Open Mic night generally includes singing, poems, and rhymed topical pieces. It’s an inclusive type of thing of lots of different poetic forms. Everything stems from poetry, so I find it weird and a little restricting. Could simply be the name of the section; it’s just straight up misleading. Just find it kind of weird that we’d restrict people to a specific kind of form.

    2. Shit Reviewers

    I’m tired of seeing lazy ass shit. Why is my imagery dope? I’ll go out of my way to lay it down for you why I like what you did in your piece and I’ll also try and put in my own thoughts of what I think didn’t work. Sure, some of my reviews will have some vague generalities that I need to work on giving you more concrete criticism; but I’m not about to sit over here and give you a few lines of rehashed bullshit. Reviewing is a respect thing. Give it if you want it.

    Remember, this don’t apply to all because there are people out there who give tremendous feed and I respect them the most on this site and in this community. I’m inclined to give them better feed than someone who gives me nonsensical shit.

    3. Weird As Fuck Drama

    The fuck is with all the online trolling and name-calling and shit. I get it, we got this site literally called “Rap Battles” so I understand all the testosterone flying around in this bitch like a fucking sausage fest. I’m cool with the trolls that make me laugh with their harmless shit. But the hell is with some of the seemingly genuine animosity. If you got history? Leave it out of the public threads, take that shit to the PMs. You’re probably not going to change anyone over the internet. We all need more love and hugs in this place. Except in the battles, leave the hate there where it’s supposed to go. Or in an open mic piece. Idk, I’m probably overthinking a lot of this but it just gives bad vibes.

    The Positives

    1. Rhyme-focused works

    Both a positive and a negative. I also really like this aspect of Open Mic. It forces people to learn assonance, multis, internals; all these cool rhyme schemes that provide a rapper’s flow. What I didn’t like about the superimposition of focusing on this in the negatives was that this can fuck up a person’s content cus’ they sacrifice quality for a rhyme. But, at the same time when people are looking for all these rhymes they are unconsciously learning new words they didn’t know before. An enhanced vocabulary is always welcome by me. Shout out to 143. And, seeing the best at this combine wordplay, rhyme schemes, AND content (kinda like Self Activate); it’s a pleasure to read. It really is.

    2. Good reviewers

    You out there, you know who you are. The one’s who take the time to go through and give a little bit more than the average reviews people throw out. I value that shit. Your input means the world in my improvement, but also in terms of feeling like someone is listening. You’re all stars.

    3. Great writers

    This is not the form I would have picked out for myself as I tend to break the rules when it comes to writing. But the form and function with this rhythmic flow to open mic writers is such a cool thing to see. You’re some of the best writers I’ve seen all around the Internet when it comes to this stuff. You all motivate me to be better, and you all should know that you are good. Keep getting better though, that’s the challenge.

    4. Sacred Scriptures

    What an incredible league! I’m learning more every day writing with you guys. You can’t come in with a lazy piece at all because it’s almost guaranteed that your opponent will drop a top notch piece of writing. 143, you’re the man for keeping up with this league and keeping the seasons going. Your work is highly appreciated. Every member involved presents new and original material. Day by day I’m learning the schemes and the styles; so watch out! I’m coming for that championship!

    5. The Mods

    Emily and Jukon (and anyone I’m missing that I haven’t had the pleasure to meet yet). You two are stars. Great writers on top of that too. Keeping this place going means a bunch to me and a lot of others around here. My experience with you both has been drama free so far, and that’s damn nice. You’re good writers, good people, and I respect what you both have to say immensely. I don’t think it’s possible to thank you both enough. Oh, and 143 if he’s a mod too! I’m not hundred percent sure but he seems to run all S.S. stuff so I’ma count him anyway. 143 is also the man.

    RESPECT THE MODS. These people are doing so much to keep this site together.

    Top Five Writers of O.M.

    Of what I’ve read so far, this is my top five talents in OM. I can’t say this is in order by skill, just my pick of the best five from my opinion. It’ll be from mostly recent writers as I haven’t read the old-time posters. Anyway, here we go.

    Self Activate

    Self Activate, lol. If I want to go with another great name, it’s his. Once it’s match-up time in SS (unfortunately he couldn’t drop this time around, but hey shit happens…) it’s game time. Self Activate, ACTIVATES. It’s like a magical switch to his brain and the words come flowing out smooth like a faucet. And not only that, the concepts are seriously interesting. He understands character, plot, and the idea of a beginning-middle-end. His “Kook” piece recently shows the vivid nature of his imagination which is extremely fitting because that piece investigates mental issues like schizophrenia. And the formatting is purposefully done to show off that crazy disorder of the mind. His syllable usage is intelligent, rhyme schemes can be complex or simple. The dude is straight up talented and hard to beat in the OM style. He’s representative of how good this all can be, and he can only get better. Wanna’ get better at this style, he’s a great writer to read.


    They call him Mr. Vocabulary for a reason. Digits here has read the dictionary from front to back and that’s one of the coolest details to know about a person. Hell of a feat too, and it feels proven with the number of google searches he causes from everybody reading one of his pieces, lol. But, here’s the thing. 143 does something mostly well that others don’t. He doesn’t feel bombastic. It feels like the words got a purpose. Kinda like he’s the preacher man with an array of words to share the knowledge. But he’s got tight schemes, visuals, and advanced words. He’s unique, and that’s part of what makes O.M. so cool. Everyone here is so different.

    Judge Mentill

    One, I love the name. Seems like everyone ‘round here have names that fit them. Judge Mentill, Judge Mental. The man is definitely mental when it comes to writing. His concepts are as creative and imaginative as they come. The man might be rusty but every week I see him getting better and better. Getting the point he was before or perhaps soon enough he’ll be exceeding that. He’s got a HOF piece in which I think he had the highlights of the collab. Slick slick visuals, every time I feel like I’m in the movie theater. I can see myself one day considering himself the best of OM.


    Common theme here is I haven’t read enough, but I’ve also read enough to know that KnowP is dope. He’s a veteran and has a knack for flipping concepts and words to make them his own. Sick flows, nice rhyme schemes. Probably one of the more polished writers and his experience shows. Usually not a wasted word with him. He can do deeper topics and also come in with the 1-2 punch battle style lyrics. An all around talented writer.

    Celph Taut

    Tight rhymes, cool concepts, great flow. You’ve got a hell of a mind and I love it when that imagination flows. Your collab with Goliath, for me… Was one sided. Not only in length, but quality. You were the star of the show and you shined brilliantly. Your imagery was pristine, and dirty with the gangster lifestyle view. You’ve been around and it shows with your experience. You know how the words play and you’re the playwright. Dope shit, dope writer.

    Honorable Mentions:

    To be real, I think I can switch in and out anyone from the top five and the honorable mentions. The amount of talent here is incredible. You all have so much to say and so much skill that you can be interchangeable. You ARE interchangeable.


    Multis, internals, conceptual ideas, flow; you’ve got a lot of literary weapons at your disposal and your Vision Heir piece was a flashy display of them all. In honesty, I think your material can be even better than that. That was a showcase of skill but it felt a little bit like it sacrificed the depth it could have had for the sake of scheme. Specific over broad is usually the better way to go. Nevertheless, you’re an excellent writer.


    Ain’t read much of him, but the name is fitting with his control of his words. His OM piece “We’re made out of glue” is a testament to that. Needs to upgrade his review game (except the fact that you can be brutally honest: and A LOT OF PEOPLE LACK THAT), and stop drinking so much… but hey, we’re not all perfect. Lol, no hate man. You got my respect as a writer especially when you can think and write with the quality of the best around here.


    Sermon In The Parking Lot is enough to give Conceptual a place on this. I haven’t reviewed your piece yet as there are a lot of them I need to get to. Just, wow, man. The rhyme scheme you had worked the flow with precision, and the subject matter matches the intensity. Your name is not inaccurate; at all.


    Putting you here because I simply need to read more of your work and get to reviewing it. From what I’ve skimmed, I know you’ve got high quality talent and skill. Give me time and the reviews will roll in. You seem mostly chill too and that’s a plus with me all the time. The man here has an understanding of not sacrificing the specific depths for the broad strokes by using the right words over the cool sounding ones.


    LOL. I think you’ve got such a humorous style to the subject matter, it’s great. Your structure and skill is underlooked at even from my lack of reviews. I promised I’d get to them and I will especially because you seem slept on.


    Know you don’t write too many OMs as you’re more poetic based. But, I believe skill and talent transitions to any form of writing and your ‘sluts and insecurities’ piece shows it. A grasp of flow and rhythm combined with precise wording and an engaging voice is a lethal combo. You’re one of those intensely unique writers on here where I feel what you write comes straight from the mind without filter. Always looking forward to the next thing you drop.

    When it comes to recommending improvements, I will begin by reiterating that I wholeheartedly believe everyone and everything can always be enhanced. I can certainly improve myself in terms of sheer activity when it comes to giving feedback for one. I have a particular obsession with wanting to offer outstanding feedback every single time I read a piece of writing and simply thinking about such a daunting task is mentally draining. I want to be able to comment on someone's work and not chop them down but encourage them on the aspects I believe they can be improved upon. For whatever reason, this task does come across as tedious to me and in effect debilitates me from saying much at all. I recently started to work on convincing myself to just offer something - anything - if I read someone's work to at least let them know it was read. I start by rearranging the proverbial shoes I am wearing and think to myself, "As a writer, what type of feedback am I hoping for?" The answer to this isn't concrete: I am absolutely fine with any and all feedback, and I mean that in every sense of that phrase. I am absolutely fine with one line, two lines, three lines, what have you, of feedback saying, "Hey man, this was a dope piece! I really loved your rhyme schemes most of all! Great work!" to give an example. As a caveat, I don't believe such nonchalant feedback should count as a feedback link to be completely honest. I believe a decently sized paragraph (at the least) from the feedback author that makes it clear they read the original writing would suffice. Thus, seguing into my final comment on this issue, detailed criticism is absolutely phenomenal and should be the ideal, the goal, that everyone strives for when delivering feedback. This is the sort of brutal honesty that we as writers need to fuel our creativity. Without anyone to break us down, we cannot rebuild ourselves. Not to discourage this particular effort at all, rounding back to my original point of this coming across as tedious, I can understand that not everyone has it in them to be such a detailed critic for a multitude of reasons. Thus I want to make it clear that I am personally a fan of all feedback no matter the detail and I openly encourage everyone who may be teetering on the edge, thinking, "Should I write this feedback? Should I just ignore it altogether because I don't think I'll come across as critical enough?" to just go ahead and tell them whatever it is you are thinking. If you like something about their writing, tell them! If you don't like something about their writing, tell them that as well! There's no need to believe you need to write a Ph.D. thesis explaining every last intricate detail, but you should at the least articulate why you like or dislike something.

    I am already surpassing the character limit I had in mind for this section, so I will do my best to wrap up my views with as much due diligence as possible. I can get long-winded when it comes to writing . . . and that's precisely why I am a writer, lol.

    My next idea has been established as subject to debate (as all ideas should be): I believe the Open Mic and Poet's Corner forums should be merged. I understand that in particular Jukon does not like this idea (and his activity on the site is contingent to their continued separation) and I am sure there are others of the same opinion. I respect these views. I, personally, am a fan of their separation myself because I do like the fact that poetry seems to have some sort of reverence to be distinguished from other styles of writing. Here is where I must defer from my own opinion: I believe that the merger of the two forums would be for the greater good of the entire RapBattles community. To me, an open mic implies a forum (in the broader sense of the word) where anyone has the opportunity to express themselves verbally without any restrictions whatsoever. It is the purest form of not just freedom of speech, but freedom of expression. Offline an open mic would not be exlcude poetry, it would include it. Thus I see the merger of the two forums as a matter of making poetry more inclusive to the writers of the site. The way it stands now, it almost seems as if the Poet's Corner forum is for a particular brand of writer. I feel like this discourages people from delving into the world of stereotypical poetry. In all honesty, everything we write here is contemporary poetry; so why should we make a distinction where there really is none? I also feel like the lack of activity for both forums will be diminished by this simple merger which in turn would hopefully encourage, foster, and stimulate even greater activity. I don't see the need to impose a set of rules for Open Mic submissions. Rules themselves are a set of restrictions, boundaries, limitations. I, for one, am not a fan of chains of any sort - I am as libertarian as they come. I believe one of the main arguments from merger opponents is that submissions typically suited for the Poet's Corner would not be as appreciated in the Open Mic forum. That is not something I agree with . . . If the Open Mic forum is established and made clear that it is truly an open platform to present your creative writing, we may see all sorts of greatness grow from this. Writing is not something any one person can restrain and it begs to be free. If the Open Mic forum was presented as a forum for creative writing as opposed to whatever stereotypes are presently imposed upon it, we could see a whole new set of writers and writing as a result to include short stories among many various forms of writing.

    The OM ... what the fuck is it? I have no clue! And I'm sure most of you don't either. I mean, it's not quite rap and it's not quite poetry, yet, at the same time it's kind of a mixture of both ... I guess. I suppose to me it's just pure creativity in written form. Obviously, I'm talking about topicals, but that's what we do here in the OM. We write fuckin' topicals! And what are topicals? In a nutshell: they are what happens when imagination meets pen and paper. The only rule to writing them is that they need to rhyme. And the better, the more fluid the rhyme, typically the better the topical. However, it's not all just about the flow (i.e.; rhythm). In fact the most important aspect is not just the technique, but the combination of both technique and substance interwoven in a way that takes great skills to craft, but little effort to read or appreciate. That's the secret. That's the magic of topical writing and the OM in general. As for this OM specifically, I'll say this ... regardless of what you might hear from site-to-site vagabonds, RB's OM is among the best of the entire inter-webs. ABC rhymes and weak content get no play here. And even so called "netcee legends" from other sites that travel here are merely run-of-the-mill members once they land in this forum. Why? Simple ... we get busy with our pens here and either you come with you're 'A' game or you get the C- treatment. It's not that we're harsh; it's just that we've been around for a long long time and understand that honest feed back and constructive criticism are two of the best gifts you can give any aspiring young writer. The best single gift however, is inspiration, thus, with every verse dropped most writers here try to inspire their fellow forum mates through demonstration. Long story short...Rapbattles.com's Open Mic forum is the best. Now how long we hold that title is up to how active we keep the forum. Because after all -- if we want reads we gotta leave feed. Peace.
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    Interview with Toobs

    (fucking weird ass interview is what i mean)

    If you could have a tap, in any room,
    which room would you bug?

    a stock brokers with inside information.

    If one part of your body was to become a religious relic,
    which part would you want it to be?

    my trigger finger. it pwns mad noobs.

    If you could see anyone alive, fully naked, who would you select?

    myself. i havent seen my own penis for years.

    If you had to have one family member (besides your g/f)
    witness your next sexual act, who would you pick?

    why is this a question? we all get together once per week for family fapping.

    If you could have any room in the world become your bedroom from now on,
    which room would you choose?

    the main vault at fort knox.

    If you had to assassinate one famous person who is alive right now,
    who would it be, and how would you do it?

    nice try, NSA.

    If you could say one sentence to the current pope, what would it be?

    suh. suuh dude.

    If you could have any person from any time in history call you for advice,
    and they were to listen to what you told them, who would you want to hear from?

    the current pope.

    If you were to turn to crime to support yourself from now on,
    what kind of criminal would you become?

    this question would be better suited asking me if i were to turn to a career.

    Thank you Toobs.
    It has been a pleasure
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    Poet's Corner

    Professor Poetics

    Disclaimer: That's not me you idiots. That's Charles Baudelaire. : )

    What up Poet’s Corner, PC, whatever the fuck we like to call this spot. Maybe we should call this spot the Insane Asylum cus’ we’re all a bit crazy over here, yeah? Everyone in here has an individual mind, and we want all of our thoughts to flow smoothly or in certain cases not so smoothly dependent on our intentions. The way we do this is with our words, our usage of punctuation, and our flow. And if we want to be great writers, great artists, we have to respect and understand the people that came before us. Those original and genius ideas of yours? Yeah, someone else did it before you and they might have done it even better. Many things written now were inspired by works of the past. So, I’m here today to talk about a select poet from the old old days. His background, a poem of his, and all that fun stuff. Who are we talking about? Charles Baudelaire.

    Who is Charles Baudelaire? He’s a French poet from the 1800s. Born on 1821 in Paris, France where he also died in 1867 at age 46. You can look all this information up on Wikipedia if you really want to. I’m going to give you the shortened version! He was one of the first to get to translating Edgar Allan Poe in French, and also was credited for coining the term ‘modernity’ to express the fleeting nature of life in the urban experience.

    From what I know, Charles Baudelaire was a highly talented writer. He could put down beautiful prose and was inspired by French romanticist writers that came before him. However, his work went against the mold of their thoughts. Baudelaire seemed to reject the idea of the goodness of man inherent within. Kind of depressing, yeah? Well, it gets even more depressing when you find out that the man lived decadently and was kind of a parasite to his mother’s money and took advantage of those around him. He racked up debts, he frequented prostitutes and contracted sexual diseases. His mother even was quoted that she wished he had chosen any other career despite his impact on literature in history. She believed that if he had chosen anything else maybe they’d all have been happier.

    Perhaps Charles wouldn’t have died when he did as well. Who knows? It’s food for thought though. If you’re miserable writing, and being an alcoholic and other stereotypical mentally poisoned writer things… I suggest you get some help. Writing is fun, it should be fun. It will bring up painful subjects, angry subjects, but you should not be suffering for the sake of art. I’d rather some of the greatest works of all time be lost if that person could simply be happy. Hemingway comes to mind when I think of this. Anyway, that’s enough of that. Right now we’re going to look at one of Baudelaire’s poems called ‘Autumn Song’. It’s fucking gorgeous and ALL OF US SHOULD STRIVE TO WRITE THIS WELL!

    Autumn Song

    Soon we will sink in the frigid darkness
    Good-bye, brightness of our too short summers!
    I already hear the fall in distress
    Of the wood falling in the paved courtyard.
    Winter will invade my being: anger,
    Hatred, chills, horror, hard and forced labor,
    And, like the sun in its iced inferno,
    My heart is but a red and frozen floe.
    I hear with shudders each weak limb that falls.
    The scaffold will have no louder echo.
    My spirit is like a tower that yields
    Under the tireless and heavy ram blow.
    It seems, lulled by this monotonous sound,
    Somewhere a coffin is hastily nailed,
    For whom? Summer yesterday, autumn now!
    This mysterious noise sounds like a farewell.

    I love the greenish light of your long eyes,
    Sweet beauty, but all is bitter today.
    Nothing, not love, the boudoir or the hearth
    Is dearer than the sunshine on the sea.
    Still love me, tender heart! Be a mother
    Even to the ingrate, to the wicked,
    Lover, sister, ephemeral sweetness
    Of fall's glory or of the setting sun.
    Short-lived task! The tomb awaits, merciless.
    Ah! Let me, my head resting on your knees,
    Savor, regretting the white hot summer,
    The autumn's last rays yellow and tender.
    That’s a Hall of Fame write if I’ve ever seen one. Seriously. The colors and the imagery in this pop off of the page brilliantly. Take a look at the words like ‘scaffold’, ‘tower’. Baudelaire lived in during some serious industrialization and growing city life in Paris. While summer is beautiful with green and vibrant light, and autumn is gorgeous as well with its reds, yellows, and other colors… That beauty is bittersweet. A sad reminder that winter will come. And think about what cities like Paris would look like in the winter. Cold, covered in snow, grey skies, dark smoke billowing in the air… Forced labor of the times. It’s a miserable sight, and Baudelaire is expressing this darkness of himself, this darkness of man and the fleeting happiness of city life. “Somewhere a coffin is hastily nailed,” God, damn, that might seem like some random line. But in the context, the nail of the coffin sounds like a farewell. The death of happiness and joy, and the incoming of pain and hatred and anger. He asks questions at the right time, throws in exclamations at the right points… The pacing is simply fantastic. For real, take the time to enjoy that work. It’s so reflected of him and his own life it adds layers upon layers of genuine emotion.


    What Do I Like About Poetry?

    Good question everybody. I like poetry because it’s an amzing form of art. Being able to express our thoughts and emotions in few words in small lines as opposed to the larger novel is rather impressive. Honestly, once you have poetry down somewhat in your understanding begin to check out the epics. You will begin to appreciate The Iliad, The Odyssey, The Aeneid a whole lot more. Also, Paradise Lost comes to mind as well. And, the Divine Comedy. The imagery within these works and the thought concepts are absolutely incredible. They can be direct, they can be subtle. Poems, from epic scale to smaller scale mean a whole lot more than is shown on the surface (usually).

    I like that you’re free to fuck around with the English language. You can rhyme, you can choose not to, you can rhyme and also not to fuck around with the reader’s head and create some discordant symphony of broken music. It can be chaos, it can be aesthetic symmetric beauty. The only limit to poetry is your mind for there are no limits to what you can do. Kind of why I prefer it over Open Mic Topical style, but HEY! I love both. All writing tends to be equally valid in my eyes. But I still have my preferences because I’m a human being. And if you don’t like it, you can go play around with the politically correct culture of people who refuse to have differing opinions. This is the adult corner, if you can’t handle it; whatever the flying fuck dick fuck shit bull pussy asshole. Yeah. Alright, moving on. READ MORE POETRY PEOPLE, it can only make you better at understanding layered concepts and will ultimately make you a better writer. Hemingway wrote poetry and so did many other great novelists. They were good at it too.

    This leads into Poet’s Corner, and why I like the Corner. It’s obvious but I’ll spill the can anyway. A place where I’m surrounded by a ton of people who love poetry, writing poetry, sharing poetry, and sharing their writing opinions? I love that. We got a lot of creative minds in one place with a litany of talents and different styles. It’s cool to see how the fucked up minds of others work. Or not so fucked up minds. I can only get better by reading all of you, and your input is valued A LOT.

    I’m extremely happy to be a part of this community and I look forward to sharing more and reading all of your work as well. Y’all are great.


    My Reading Recommendations!

    See all of the epics I included above. They’re incredible pieces of poetry in great length. Read Poe, read Shakespeare, read all the great poets you have ever heard of. There IS a reason these people are considered classics. Sure, there might be some shit in there too because of popular culture mind-washing by critics (cus hey, that shit can happen). But, learn what you like and what you don’t like. You become great by having a unique voice. I’d say check out the recited works of Jim Morrison from The Doors. His poetry is insane. From a very dark and tortured mind. The man had a lot of demons, but damn could he write well. There’s a reason why The Doors were never the same once he was gone. Speaking of favorite poets…


    Top Five PC Poets (In No Particular Order)

    1. Emily

    Mod love! It’s more than just that appreciate for what Em does in the forum though. She’s a different writer. When reading her work, you know it’s hers in many ways. It’s a bit oddball, unique, different. Coming from a mind that’s foggy and strange, and I like that. Trying to navigate the POOL (yeah I went there) of Emily’s mind is less a chore and more of a fun exercise. It’s like discovering a new place that you’ve never been to. That feeling of child-like excitement and curiosity. Exploring every last corner of that place because it’s interesting, intriguing, and there’s something human that hits back at you. Take your time when you read Em’s poetry because there’s more than meet’s the eye. TRANSFORMERS! Lol, no but seriously. Talented poet with a unique voice that writes genuinely from the self and for her self. It’s a treat to read that kind of material.

    2. Jukon

    More mod love! Jukon delves into some dark material. Abusive relationships from one piece I remember. And hey, I love the dark shit. ‘Rubber bands’ is an impressive piece of poetry everybody should read. ‘Swept’, as well. His flow almost feels like Open Mic at times even if he’s not always rhyming. Yeah, he can delve into clichés but guess what; you can delve into cliché and DO IT RIGHT. That Jukon does, but he also has originality and flair. A knack for making those dark works feel real and genuine. I get the voices of characters and the tragedy that goes with it. I see in his signature about the group ‘The Next Level’ and there’s no doubt in my mind that if we all took a bit of Jukon’s writing to heart we would take our own writing to the next level.

    3. Atti

    Might be the best poet on the whole site. Just being honest. I envy this man’s talent due to the way he paints the images in my mind with his wording. The Thirtieth Year comes to mind as one of his recent works, but also his entry for Picture of the Month. Seriously impressive shit. It’s always layered. There’s always more to the surface than the imagery itself. Flow is on point. It can be smooth, it can be chaotic, but it HAS a purpose. I don’t think I’ve looked at an Atti poem and felt like there was a wasted word. If I do, I’ll call him out on it lol. MUST SEE READING, everyone. Pull out a chair, sit down, grab some popcorn, enjoy the show and hopefully you learn something.

    4. High Engine Chief and Spokenoh

    I really don’t care that I haven’t seen him in here in a while, but when I was last here I remember reading a lot of HEC’s work and it was top notch quality. Excellent pieces that I felt were slept on, and a lot of them could have been considered H.O.F. material. My fault for not being too active back then being way too hyperactive and all over the fucking place. Anyway, just gonna put him in here because I can. I’ll also include…

    Spokenoh! Why? His picture of the month poem was rather impressive. Or HER poem because I don’t know if he or she is a he or she. Lol. We’ll just go with he for now because I can. They’ve got a knack for a solid flow and impressive imagery that makes you pause and think for a moment about what you read.

    5. English

    Impressive command of the English language. Have I said it enough that the dude’s screen name is fitting? He can write drunk, he can write non-drunk. The man can flat out write out impressive material that’s thoughtful and layered out. He plays around with common phrases and can make the mundane of mundane funny. Humor is a good thing, everybody. Looking forward to seeing more from this man.

    THAT’S IT! That’s it for my little spot in the Poet’s Corner Magazine everybody. This is The Illyricist signing out. Always a joy sitting down and sharing my thoughts. You guys are the best.

    Love and hugs everyone. Love and hugs. PEACE!

    And for my last send off. Take a listen to some purely instrumental music by Explosions In The Sky. Here's the most known song "Your Hand In Mine" but now you know the band so take this as an excuse to listen to more of their music. Drift across the cosmos on your bed of clouds my psychotic friends... Drift... Be at peace.

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    S.S. Review

    Welcome to the Sacred Scriptures Topical League

    I am your moderator 143 aka numbers man aka Yi San Si aka Symbols aka Mr Vocabulary.

    This is a league where some of the best writers of topical verses come to compete and
    elevate their style. This season has been a season like no other. This is probably the most
    interactive season ever. Competitors have a chance to be an integral part of what and how
    this league moves. From the Topical Pool to the newly started Championship Series where
    the best and worse records have the power to choose their own topics to write to.

    Shots our to our interim Champion L.E.

    Our writers have not shy away from the challenges. I can see many legends
    here creating their resume of greatness.

    Now here is a comment from one of our brightest writers....

    Judge Mentill

    The state of the Art

    This past week in the SS has been a mixed bag IMO. While on the one hand we've had
    the added challenge of blending topics into a single piece, which forced us all to up our
    game, we've also seen a lackadaisical trend when it comes to check ins, drops and voting.
    Which is basically my nutshell opinion of the league as a whole; competition wise there isn't
    a single weak link here, everyone punches their weight and then some, on the other hand
    there's about half as many competitors as I'd like to see in the league and activity suffers because of it.

    So what's the solution here? Advertising? Fabulous prizes? Blackjack and hookers? I'm just
    hoping that the level of competition is enough to garner more interest before we hit the
    playoffs. Then again, when the art form's sunk to the point that people now think that a
    semi-comatose, lyrically bland, wannabe gangster like Drake is talented is it any wonder
    that the indie scene isn't as popular as it used to be? The SS is a microcosm of intellect
    that's about as rare as an albino rhino, and it's our responsibility to make sure it fucks to
    save the species.

    Wow, that metaphor really got away from me.

    The point to this meandering ramble is that I'm proud of everyone who's keeping this thing
    going. I just hope we can make the league grow back to how it was back in the glory days.
    Keep up the good work everyone.

    Thank you Judge...

    Our competitors have a chance to add something to our league magazine in the form of
    battle predictions. From their view they can give the information from no other view.



    As a SS tradition, we leave you with this....



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    Interview with ILLunatic


    Welcome. Thank you for forcing yourself to be here.
    We’re supposed to feel privileged for your presence,
    but we really want to laugh at your expense.
    If we could throw it back, we would. A few of us have a hooligan in us;
    We’re here 'cause there’s a beat in us, that won’t go.
    We’re passionate about Rap and writing.
    We already have, internally and metaphorically, let off flares a few times,
    and burnt the stadium down a couple of times.
    There’s a few pyromaniacs here. They wear blazers.
    We talk all walks of life. Every spectrum is welcome.
    Let’s skip to your five minutes...
    Straight to the unedited version we go…
    Have you laughed as much as us?

    Not as much as others may have, but yes. Also scratched my head a bit trying to
    figure out the direction of where you were going but quite honestly... I'm getting a
    bit use to your off-the-wall-ness Emily.

    At the end of the day, what brings you back to R.B?

    Passion, nostalgia... And honestly, it's like a home. I spent a lot of time on here as a
    teenager due to a severe sports injury, that at the time changed my life (as cliche as that sounds).

    Is there a motto behind RB, or a slogan? I might be onto something…

    Back in the day the slogan was always "Defining Illness". Now a days thinking about it,
    a slogan isn't necessary. The name of the website says it all.

    If your ashes were to be in an urn,
    Where would you want the urn to be put?

    To be honest, when I'm gone; I'm gone. I could care less what happens to my body
    or ashes in this case). I have two boys and a wife and as long as they're taken care of...
    That's all that matters to me.

    Do you ever get sick of people talking about R.B glory days?

    At times yes, but for several different reasons.
    1. It'll never be like it was, times have changed and a lot of people have struggles accepting that.

    2. The glory days were also some of the darkest periods of the history of this website.
    There's been corrupt staff, crooked members, etc.. People who remember RB for stupid shit like
    that pisses me off because RB as a whole was so much more than that to a lot of people.

    What’s the best thing about being admin of R.B?

    Believe it or not, it's not a great position to be in. Whatever goes wrong, gets blamed on you.
    Whatever goes according to planned, gets unrecognized (not always but most of the time).
    This doesn't just go for being Administrator either, I'm sure other staff members feel the same.
    Not many appreciate the efforts that get put in to do what we do.

    What’s the biggest lesson the readers and members have taught you?

    You can't make everyone happy, it's not possible.

    If you could click your fingers and have a wish come true for R.B, What would it be?

    God of War, Nahlidge Fresh and I have had these discussions time and time again.
    Me personally, I would like the brand (RapBattles.com) to tour and host actual Battle Events.

    How annoying is it, to have to type your meetings?

    A pain in the ass. But tbh, every Administrator has my direct number and can contact me
    any time if needed. Staff members and even regular members have me on PSN or Facebook and we're
    able to discuss things there as well. RB is global and the different time zones make speaking all together
    at the same time rather difficult.

    How annoying is Amen?

    Amen figures out how to press people's buttons and does it with pleasure. I don't mind him
    at all and haven't really had a problem with him (at least that I can remember)

    If you could reverse one sports call in history, which one would it be?

    Why the fuck did they use Marshawn Lynch to get the field position they got,
    and not let beast mode win the super bowl?

    What does writing mean to you?

    It's a form of expression. There's some things people just can't talk about but writing allows
    them an outlet that can remain private, or public if they wish (anonymously or individually)

    Do you get repossessed if you don’t pay your exorcist?

    What does rap/hip hop mean to you?

    Music in general is a passion for me. I've always enjoyed creativity and have set out to
    learn different things. My current pleasure is producing (which I dabbled with as a teen),
    but my time to do so is rather limited to an insane work schedule as well as having a family
    and different schedules to work around as well.

    Pepsi or Coke?


    Anyway we can find out who the ‘guests’ are and what they’re doing with our information?

    You have much to learn Emily. Guest are exactly that and more. People who are not currently registered,
    or Dagel who is registering his 86th alias for the day, and even google.

    ILLunatic, I appreciate you more than God of War, but less than Fresh.
    Thanks for being as understanding as Nahlidge, and for being around
    as much as you are. Thanks for updating everyone’s names when they
    get sick of themselves, and for helping them reach their ultimate trolling game,
    and being open to rainbow equality.
    On that note, anything you’d like to add? I know I covered every aspect of the board
    with this interview, being thorough, I read these questions through once.

    Less than fresh? What kind of photos has he gotten?

    Shout out time.

    Everybody who continues to log in and stay active. Loyalty is a big importance to me and I
    appreciate everyone who sticks with RB through thick and thin.

    Last edited by Jukon; April 21st, 2016 at 10:57 PM

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    Crew Love

    Enoch Light


    *crew leader

    A strong combination of lethal and amazin
    Im like Damian Lillard when that trail gets Blazin
    We’re soo passed the prime, transform ya mind
    143 reasons to convince the census
    Mr. Vocab stabs endless with vengeance
    Other than that dude Kuhn, he’s the vintage penman
    Write like magic, with a right that’s damage
    Surgically ahead of his time like Mike before plastic
    We gave birth to Trajik, lyrically flames of acid
    Couldn’t receive the chemistry without addin Ms. Emily
    Who brings essence with weapons, meshed with chemistry
    Poetically gifted she’s kinetically true, embedded and glued
    To the Penz roster, but what’s a mane chick without a Mufasa
    That’s a Jukon, head of the pack, prepared to attack
    Venomous general, intelligent and deadliest
    The manager, when its firing time he’s never hesitant
    Delivery boy, when you least expect you getting boxed up
    Witnesses have witnessed this witted gifted penmanship
    Engulfed host of rage, we’ve tried to contain Kayge
    But like raptor on the hunt, his drive cannot be tamed
    Plot’s insane, every line imaginable, we encompass it
    Infekted Penz, why raise the bar when you’re never under it……

    Judge Mentill


    Our crew is so much better than I.P. that they were scared to battle us.
    Besides @143, but who is he? Some super macho man guy? C'mon, stahp!
    Anywho, quick introductions as I run down the roster. Up first you got me,
    Mr. RapBattles.com. Mr. I rap better than @Pair-A-Dyce with only one. I'm one
    quarter of the site's admin team. (Segue, if the admin team were Mt. Rushmore, 2go,
    I mean @God of War would be 2Pac. I would most likely be Biggie or Chingy. No,
    I've never had my chain stolen. But I have left one at a girl's house one time and
    never seen it again. @Fresh would be, idk who the hell he would be actually.
    He's just weird. And @ILLunatic would be Vanilla Ice.) Probably the best topical
    writer to have ever been on this site and others. Not to brag or nothing.
    I'm one hell of a freaking rapper. And I suck at battling. So I'm kind of like
    the old uncle of the crew I guess. I just hang out and tell a lot of "back in my day..."
    stories. Up next is @L.E, he's been around this place for quite a while and has bumped
    heads with the best of them. An accomplished rap artist as well. Add to the fact that
    he is currently in the running to be the Sacred Scriptures champ and you get the idea
    that he'd be the muscle. The big brother of the crew who you don't see much of
    because they're out doing some mysterious shit that you always wonder "yo, where the hell at?"
    until he pop up to bust heads when needed. 3rd is @Judge Mentill , I don't really know much
    about this cat besides he's a good writer. I know him from being in Sacred Scriptures this
    season and being one of my favorite writers to watch for. So let's say he's like the crew's
    cousin that's the shit on an across the city baseball team. @SELF ACTIVATE is another
    new writer to me who I know of because of this season's Sacred Scriptures.
    He's another dope writer. Similar to SELF, so he can be another cousin. And @Witty is,
    apparently on another hiatus so I'm not even gonna say anything about him. Matter a fact,
    we're kicking him from the crew live on air right now. *kicks at the air* And that's it.
    Everybody Hates @Goliath put our rag tag of a crew together somehow. And we all happen
    to be dope. And my crew will kick any other crews ass, so yea. It's Peaky, suckers!

    As some of you have noticed the TNL forum is now gone. Not forever, just hidden until
    we decide to make a comeback once again. The reasoning behind this; there were only
    2-3 of us active, and we weren't doing anything productive. Just sitting in there talking
    shit. It wasn't worth keeping an inactive forum on the established crews forum. So,
    with that said, if any TNL'ers see this and want to get it poppin' again, shit, let me know.
    TNL FOR LIFE. flamedubballergatz.

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    1-2 Punch

    Enbombz 8-3
    Letterman 8-1
    Sour Cig 8-1
    Barcotic 6-2
    KnowP 6-5
    Joe Boston 5-5-1
    Nahlidge 5-6
    Bomb Bar'd 4-3
    Fresh 4-4
    Toil 4-3
    alphadog 4-7
    Unfukwitable 3-3
    JoHnNy bLaZe 2-3
    ILLunatic 1-2
    Notti 0-2
    fastforwords 0-2

    Easily one of the best battlers in the history of RB. This dude is mad flames every single week.
    Soo glad he stuck around and gave everyone a run for their money. Vets like this make leagues
    worth being apart of. Someone like this makes it fun when the underdog wins. But props to my dog for sticking it out!

    Runner-up: Sour Cig 8-1

    This dude had a streak that rivals any dirty underwear. He was kicking ass
    left n right for several weeks straight. Hats off to this brother right here.
    Thanks for making this a better league fam.

    He snuck through the back door and killed the title holder. Had
    us all caught off guard and surprised and stunned for days. However,
    not long after he crept in the backdoor, he caught a mean uppercut and
    was tossed tf out the building. Either way, he champed the league!
    more than what most can say!

    Gotta say, he really came through at the end of the season
    and started dropping some bars that were actually worth reading
    for once. Not only that, but collected a win against a good opponent.
    keep at it my dude. You’ll get that title shot soon enough.

    My dude had some flamers that got slept on and because of the way
    votes happened, I feel he got punked out a few wins this season.
    Looking forward to seeing what he does in the playoffs.

    One of the leagues more polished battlers that could of cause
    some problems if he hadn’t got arrested and was forced out the
    league. Hope all is ok with that elderly molestation charge fam.
    Those old ladies be throwing those tits around like long ass water
    ballons. Wasn’t your fault though. #freefresh2016
    Last edited by Jukon; April 25th, 2016 at 07:46 PM

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    2x PS Champion

    Interview with L.E.


    L.E. Thanks for the interview.

    Hey, thanks for having me. It's a privilege!

    How long have you been writing?

    I found my first curiosity for creativity at a very young age, and I picked up the pen and wrote my first story at grade three! I believe it was called "Shapeshifter", about a group of heroes who could transform into whatever. Typical eight year old boy kind of stuff haha.

    I gotta tell you, I loved 'Better Men'
    What made you write that piece?

    Thank you very much! I am glad you enjoy it, and honestly, I am very proud of how the song has performed with listeners and live audiences. The origin of the song is a little broad in scope, as I believe it is a big picture that we do have to do as a race. We NEED better men. Better fathers, better preachers, teachers. Leaders. The state of the planet is in, people clawing at each other's throats...there is a better way. We are meant to bring people together, not drive each other apart.

    Since hip hop is such a popular format of music, and I have never really fit in with a traditional hip hop niche, I discovered that my voice was best used for things that were more non-traditional. I produced the beat with the help of my younger brother and other buddy, and I loved the grimy old school hip hop feel of it, and what better way to inspire a message than to get your listeners and crowd rocking?

    What's your favourite genre/theme when you write?

    Haha probably the more revolutionary, teach a message style to be honest. But I will jam to anything: country, classical, hip hop, new and old, and I have a big infatuation with some of the more melodic heavy metal, and I pull inspirations from ALL genres. Progression. Real, emotional. All over the place haha, whatever I am feeling at that particular time to be honest.

    I believe REAL music is something that resonates with a soul, or many. Hip hop is just my particular outlet.

    What's your method when writing rhymes?

    Again, this is all over the place. Through out this interview I am realizing I am just a random mess of crazy thoughts and emotions. It largely depends on mood. Lately, it's definitely been more of the...how do you describe it? Instinctual purpose? I feel like I am reaching people with my words. Words have to be important and meaningful.

    And good rhymes just come from those principals. I always try to push the bar a little higher. I don't really rush much, I let it come naturally. No sense in forcing something if the final product is hindered from it. It depends what I am working on, too. I enjoy doing things like the Sacred Scriptures because it keeps up my poetical practice, and I enjoy crafting stories/messages/hidden meanings in a "poem" that is essentially a rap verse at the same time in that format. It's a lot of fun to compete too.

    Songs is a bit of a different process. Usually I will be going about my day to day activities, and a phrase or couple of words will come into my head. I try to have paper handy at all times, if not I just text myself the words/concepts and develop it from there.

    What do you find the most challenging when you write?

    Focus. With today's fast paced world and so many distractions, its hard to stay focused on a single project anymore. I don't think its necessarily the most efficient way to do things, and I am working on that. Lots of external conflicts at the moment, but time management is hugely important for anybody in any life scenario.

    Another thing I struggle with is confidence! You always have that lingering doubt 'What if people hate it" haha. Comes with anxiety and stuff too, and writer's block is always a bitch, but that is generally reflective on mood as well. Usually if your life isn't going well, you probably won't be in the best writing mood. So staying in a positive mind state TO write can be challenging as well.

    What are your writing strengths, and weaknesses?

    I will start with weaknesses. I don't do well with this kind of questions because I struggle with ego haha. Confidence would probably be one I am still constantly working on. Seems kind of nuts at the same time because one HAS to be confident to keep up a life of artistry. That was one of my biggest hurdles growing up, I know that, and I know many others still struggle too. I would also self critique my own inability to calm the fuck down at times and just write simplistically, but it's always got to be some intricate web haha. I am always working on my spelling and vocabulary as well. I think one should ALWAYS be growing and trying to improve.

    My strengths would just be that I am adaptable to writing to pretty much anything! Words are my tools. They are largely all I have haha.

    Who were your musical influences when you were young?

    A very broad range of influences, as I mentioned before. I think the earliest band name I can almost recall is Matchbox Twenty. Pearl Jam. A lot of that early nineties rock resonated with me. Anything that had some epic melodies. Awesome mixing. I've always loved mixing of music.

    My first foray into hip hop were the likes of Dr. Dre and Eminem. Ice Cube. DMX. Tupac and Biggie. The GOOD rap of the nineties, when it was about lyricism. Sick beats. Pushing the bar, elevating. I was also heavily influenced by Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock as well, as they were different from a lot of the other acts. I enjoyed the diversity, still do.

    I think musical influences should be pulled from all genres and types of music, which I live by. I do DJ weddings and stuff as well on the side, so my music catalog is huge haha. GOOD MUSIC IN GENERAL! Get people inspired. Thinking. Relating. Being human. That's what music is all about.

    Who are your musical influences now?

    I guess I kind of answered that already haha. Good music in general. I listen to A LOT of new artists these days. It's hard to keep up with. I really dig Yelawolf's sound, especially since his last release. Stoked to see him on Wednesday (4/20 as well ). I like the country touch he has in his music. "Johnny Cash" has become my pre-performance song to hype me up, and there are a LOT of good songs on that new disc. Some of his older stuff with the banjos and stuff is just ridiculous too. Underrated in that aspect by far.

    I DID dig Hopsin for the longest time, but ever since Ill Mind 7 I think he has lost himself. I dig !Mayday! a lot and had the chance to open up for them, I like their musical style with real instruments and I think THAT is the future of hip hop in general. Ever try perform live over just beats AFTER a hip hop bad has been on stage? Man... haha.

    Truth is, there is SO much good hip hop out there. Token is another sick guy I have gotten a chance to talk to a bit. Classified is a BIG Canadian name. Palmer Squares.

    I have to give a shout out to my Canadian guys holding it down too, Western Canada is a sweet place to be right now with guys like Snak the Ripper and Merkules starting to gain some traction. I'm not into those guys' styles as much per se, but I respect what they are doing.

    A HUGE vocal influence for me is actually James Hetfield of Metallica. I LOVE what the guy does with his voice, little influxes and changes of tone that add such subtle depth. Rock music is great for vocals like that.

    Have these artists influenced your style?

    Definitely. I don't want to be like ANYONE else, so that's what I have been trying to do. A lot of my new music is different from what you would hear anywhere else, and I am excited to release some more of it in the coming months. "Better Men" was just the start.

    How long does it take to start and finish a song from a to z,
    from the lyrics to the finished product, ready for us to hear in audio?

    Months to years. I never rush anything, and most of my songs are produced and written from scratch from the ground up. Most of my material now I have been working on over the winter, and even started pieces of it last year.

    I'm a perfectionist. It's a good thing my studio is in my room, or else the takes would cost me an arm and a leg haha. I just want it to the best caliber of stuff for my listeners! And coming from a place where people don't even believe it's possible to be part of that world, it excites me and pushes me to put THAT much more extra polish on stuff.

    At the same time, you cannot waste too much time doing so, because flaws add character too. I guess that would be another creative weakness of mine haha.

    Where would you like your music to take you?

    Music has already taken me very cool places that I never thought would happen! And the more I involve myself, the cooler the opportunities become.

    Fame and fortune isn't my thing per se. I want my message to be heard, but I don't want to be idolized for it, if that makes sense. I don't focus all my time and attention to it either.

    I'm a single father of three. I am going to school for my Bachelor of Arts, English Major. I want to be a teacher and influence young minds coming behind us!

    If people enjoy the music I create along the way, even better. I don't think I will ever stop because it's so much fun! And I think that perspective makes a huge difference.

    Who would you like to work with?

    Eminem. Dude seems to be untouchable almost haha. I have worked with people close to Royce Da 5'9, Bizarre, Obie Trice, but for whatever reason, Eminem is like this mythical creature promoters can't touch or even contact. At least from what I have gathered and experienced.

    It almost seems cliche too, but the dude was a huge influence on me with the 8-Mile era, as it was for a lot of people. He's pushed hip hop and music in crazy directions, like him or not.

    Have you ever done a film clip?

    Like for a movie? I have been extras in music videos. Attempted one music video shoot that failed because my son's mom left me and didn't want to be in it anymore haha. I did to a live video cypher too, Bring Your Own Bars IV, if you want to Youtube that and check it out, I'm in Cypher One. I won that category as well.

    Film is the next natural evolution for what some of my team and I are trying to do haha. Just being creative in general is awesome. I would LOVE to put my novels into film one day myself, kind of like George Lucas, except NOT sell it afterwards haha.

    Where are your gigs?

    I had the immense pleasure to play ALL over my home province of Alberta. Over 5000 Km of touring last year. I performed in Mexico once at my Mom's wedding haha. Did a gig in BC as well. I am always trying to play everywhere! Want me in your city? Hit me up! Haha

    I love playing live. It's such an adrenaline rush, and when people love your stuff, it's even better. I will play anywhere!

    Are the lyrics and the music to your songs just as important as each other,
    or do you feel more passionate about one over the other?

    I definitely have favorite songs and least favorite songs of mine haha. I think every artist has to have those so they know where they are kind of at as an artist themselves. A lot of my earlier works I was just defining my sound still. I feel far more confident about my voice now going forward than I did even two years ago. I have a shit ton of material too, but I would definitely say its increased in thought and substance over the years.

    Not so much of the party songs or atmosphere anymore. Much more into the depth of mind, parenting, a race as a whole, progression kind of stuff now. Even more into the gospel realm, though I mention God in my music I am not straight gospel by any means, as I do mention weed and shatter in the same songs hahaha.

    I definitely enjoy the real side of music, and my favorite songs I have are the ones that resonate with other people the most. "Blue Collar Hero" is an older song that is a mainstay in my set list, for example. I think that did win Audio Of the Week or Month or something on here back in the day haha.

    How/where do you produce your songs?

    Usually right at home! Some ideas have come while I've been abroad on trains, plane rides. On beaches, in nature. Mountains. I'm a nature loving guy for sure too, and take big inspiration from our world around us. So wherever really! But most of the actual production is done at the studio at home. And it's not like this closet studio you see in memes either haha, legit booth and board and all. I do mix and master for other people as well.

    Is there a favourite time of the day/night when you feel inspiration works
    best for you?

    It depends on mood! Nothing like having a wake and bake session, a coffee, and making some music, honestly. In the evenings is nice too. Whenever the mood is right!

    How has your place of origin influenced your work?

    Oh man, this is a huge one. I could probably write essays and novels on this topic. Alberta...hmm what a place. Known for oil and Conservative government backers. A HUGE place for musical and creative talent in general, but no one cares! It's like everyone has their head shoved down an oil well here.

    Only big names draw big numbers, and not even every big act makes their way out here. This might seem overly negative, but there is a lot of hope for my province and country in general.

    Ignorance. Disbelief. Closed mindedness are afflictions everywhere in the world, but the big oil dollars draw in a looooot of it around Alberta.

    Let me put this way: there are some people in Alberta, who would LOVE Donald Trump as their leader. That dude is scary in general, but even scarier is what he brings out in people.

    That being said, not everyone is a dumb ass. Alberta IS changing, as we have a new government and a huge cultural awakening is currently taking place due to the bad economy.

    Canada's main musical hubs are Vancouver and Toronto. Everyone knows them, but the truth is, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary play HUGE rolls in Western Canadian music, and it's only going to become more important.

    So it is an exciting place to be. I am thankful for the perspective I have developed growing up here, that's for sure. I have to raise my kids through all of this too, so the real big picture effects my overall works for sure. Hence, "Better Men".

    What are your thoughts on the current state of hip-hop/rap?

    Mainstream can suck a fat one, but everyone knows that. Everyone knows that the money grabbing shit is bullshit, and the general populations still buy into it all. There are some real good musicians out there still, and I still have hopes that it will turn around.

    But it won't start with hip hop. Hip hop will be affected eventually, but until SOCIETY itself has a wake up call, we will largely see garbage music be flung onto the internet, TV and radio waves.

    The good ones just have to keep it up and not quit!

    What part, if any has R.B played in your career.

    RB was actually huge! A LARGE part of my elevation came from guys and girls ALL OVER the world in thanks to Rapbattles.com. When I stared rapping I was utter shit, I couldnt even flow to a beat properly haha. It was feedback and constructive criticism from Rapbattles that helped me get better, as a lot of people I grew up around did not have a clue. I was around when they split into RB and RB Relaunched (eventually turning into Rapverse) and I was involved with both. RV eventually faded, but its nice to see RB still kicking and to see dope writers and awesome people such as yourself, Emily, still active.

    What do you think would draw a bigger crowd to R.B?

    I've thought about this one for a while. Sharing links and all that jazz is becoming throw away. I don't think it will ever be like it was in the glory days, but that's because it's a different world today too.

    RB was the most active when things like Facebook, Myspace, etc. didn't exist as much because there was NO PLACE for people to share their music. I think social media has hurt Rap forums overall, (society overall if you're looking broadly). Even sites like Soundclick which where once common place have been replaced.

    What has RB done to adapt to such changes? I feel like largely people are still holding on to those glory days, hoping they will return, but I think the chances for a new glory day are better with change and adaptation.

    What are your thoughts on the R.B audio section?

    It's quiet! Haha this goes along with the activity thing, and I definitely want to become more active myself. There is a very high level of talent though. The caliber of work that is posted on here is generally very high! Just keep it up everyone, and maybe some more incentive would help activity in general!

    Thanks so much for the interview L.E.
    Your down to earth nature is beautiful to see.
    Keep entertaining the troops.
    You're an asset to R.B and it's always a pleasure seeing you around the board.
    Shout out time!

    Thank you very much for thinking I'm important enough to interview haha. It was actually a lot of fun. It was revealing in a way to myself even.

    Shout outs! To you, of course, Emily, for the wonderful interview. To 143 and everybody in Sacred Scriptures doing their thing and making it a fun place to compete. Peaky Rhymers, I see you.

    God, man, who knows where I would be today if he wasn't by my side.

    My amazing wonderful children who give me all the inspiration and motivation a guy needs. My awesome family, though challenges arise as they do in every family, I know they have my back.

    My true friends that mean the world to me, more than they know.

    My fans and people who follow my works and music!

    And of course, all the people who took the time to read this madness haha.

    Thank you very much again, and best of luck to everyone with their lives, goals, and dreams. I hope we all reach success and have a blast in this life!

    Oh, get at me if you want to work, as well!
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    The Lounge

    Here's my goods for rapbattles:
    Open mic: I enjoy reading Witty verses they are beautiful, Creative, & amazing.
    he's one of my favorite writer. Jukon one of the greatest writer, he come up with best topics.

    1-2 Punch League: I saw some punchlines from Tim I was amaze with them.
    I saw some punchlines from Notti it was alright.

    Poet's Corner: I'd like to see more Poet heads I know there's awesome Poet head
    I love Emily poems She always write fantastic Poems.

    Here's some bad for rapbattles:
    No names, some people sensitive. Touchy feeling when it come come to beef.
    aggressive when it come to feedback.

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    Interview with Alphadog


    So tell me, when did you start writing?

    Hi, I've always jotted down a "rap" from time to time on a phone or paper,
    just silly freestyle type stuff non topic related, rap battles.com was the first
    site I ever came across and joined here in 2014 I think to show off some of my
    "raps" this is when I found out lyrics need substance and wit so im still a beginner at writing tbh.

    Apart from the leagues here, what else do you write?

    Honestly I haven't written much and don't really write unless its for rb, im just a loyal dog lol.

    What’s your favourite genre when you write?

    Old school hiphop.

    What’s your biggest challenge when you write?

    Trying to please others is always a challenge when I writes there's so much different preference's.

    What music are you into? Fav bands? Artists?

    I'm versatile wen it comes to music, but mainly hiphop related or some dubstep.

    If you could work with anyone musically, who would you pick?

    2 pac

    What brought you to R.B initially?

    I wanted opinions on my pieces and I wanted to battle n see wat all the jazz was about.

    What do you think is important when writing an impressive punch?

    Don't over think shit, like focus on one concept and delivery must be smooth AF for max impact.

    What is it about this league that you like?

    Its quick n easy sometimes cuz its just a bar, but u cant sleep on opponents here.

    What is it about the league that you don’t like?

    @JoHnNy bLaZe
    @usless are the things I don't like about it lol nah jk I don't like the pace the league has arm.

    How’s the punch section going with votes? Do you find that people usually
    vote well, or do you think voting will always be an issue across the board?

    getting ppl to vote is always an issue and will remain an issue, I do appreciate and
    like blind voting, cuz I hate sheep votes.

    What would you like to see at R.B, that doesn’t exist here atm?

    LLL needs to get piping.

    That’s it my friend. Thanks for the interview, thanks for your time.
    Always good to see you around the board alphadog.

    Shout out to any one didn't migrate to netcess lol, it was fun some of the answers
    were short gotta bit lazy lol thnx for letting me be apart of this and thanx for doing such a good job

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    Eye Candy

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    I now go by Ch3kk G. However, I'm also known as Ch3kk Game and Belligerent Tongue.
    Those are the only ones that matter. Because I can't honestly remeber the others, and they didn't matter.
    I was on RB back when I was on AOL 12, I think. So, whatever year it was when that came out was when
    I was on RB. I know it was a long while ago, and I was really really really young.I was excited at the
    initial thought of it. Like "Yea RapBattles better get ready for me". Lmao.
    Then I hit this site and instantly questioned if I wanted to rap anymore. Not in any type of bad way.
    It's just, for me at that point in my life that was like God Level type writing. Lol, I was really young.
    Let me add that in there again.

    I think I may have posted a open mic or two. I never got around to battling. I was honestly scared as
    hell at the time. Lol, it's actually kind of funny thinking back now. I had stopped pursuing music after
    a while of online forums and life had kicked in. I made other decisions and stepped away. It always kind
    of stayed there. I would still randomly freestyle in the car driving down the street. I would write rarely,
    but I did though. Then about two years ago I kind of stepped back out on another site. I tried the text
    thing briefly, very briefly. Then I went to audio, and it felt like home. I battled there for a while.
    I had decided I was done with Battle Rap. However, the oppurtunity has presented itself. For me to try
    and help bring back the status this site once had. I know there are still a lot of good MC's on this
    site. I'm not down playing anything. I am ready for RapBattles this time around. So that very first
    statement I made about RapBattles really does apply now. "Yea, RapBattles better get ready for me".

    In addition to this story which I wanted to open up with.
    The facts now. I've recently turned 29. I'm from Atlanta, Ga, and I decided to set a straight grind
    for my music. Simply put, 500. 500 songs I must record, for myself. To gain the perfection of delivery,
    flow, lyrics, cadence, aggression, creativity, and just to say I worked my ass off for it. I don't want
    to have a specific style. I cater to the instrumental track. I do to it what it tells me to. At this
    point in my grind I'm doing a lot of song flips and mixtape type tracks. Cause honestly anything more
    is to risky to post without taking the proper precautions. As far as copyrights are concerned. So what I
    will be posting mostly during this 500 grind is mixtape tape type songs. When I do post straight real
    music. The shit I have actually put my all into. The material that I feel is the creme of the crop, will
    A long grind. It isn't easy, but it's mine though. You will also hear me mention the Lions Den a lot.
    Which is a crew I started with a good partner of mine, Von Doom. Who is from Chicago.
    Total contrast in styles. Although making a dope recipe for good music.
    The Den is about the growth and development of MC's. I remember when I first started back on AOl 12,
    I think. I was using Cool Edit Pro 2.0. If you was around back then. You know about Cool Edit Pro and
    how it influenced a lot of new egineers to perfect their craft.

    My influences from music are broad. I listen to everything. From Rap to Soft Rock and everything in
    between. Lyrics I respect, but above all I respect the art of making GREAT music. Regardless the
    Genre. You know a hit song when you hear it. Even if you aren't familiar with the Genre. You will
    instantly say "that sounds like what I hear on the radio". That is not an easy task, and if someone
    thinks it is. I challenge them to do it on a serious tip. With that being said, I gain inspiration
    from everywhere regarding music. I want my music to be remebered as Bruce Lee's Martial Arts was.
    I want it to be like water. It just flows. It all connects together in a every lasting type of way.
    I don't have much more.

    I feel like it's not my place to repost my lyrics. It's the listeners who will decide if my words are
    forgettable or legendary. I'm eager to be apart of this site as it climbs back to dominance amongst the
    Rap forum world. Rather it be straight up music or battling. I love the culture. Yea, Ch3kk G. Lions Den
    man. Plain and simple.

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    Interview with Nahlidge


    Welcome Nahlidge, thanks for your time.
    Let's talk R.B.
    What is it about R.B that you think draws people to this site?

    The domain name is probably the biggest draw factor in our favor as far as
    new members finding the place. But besides that, just the whole idea of the site.
    A place you can battle and drop stuff on for feedback. It's not as big of a deal now,
    but back when I first found the site I thought it was so dope to have a place to come
    and hone your skills, meet/network with people who share similar interests.

    What makes this site different from other rap battle sites?

    Our inactivity? lol, nosa. Our longevity. So many battle forums have popped up
    and disappeared. RB has had it's ups and downs, but this place has been around
    16+ years. Not many other sites can say that. Look at www.rapmusic.com,
    that was probably our longest standing rival as far as popularity and that place is a
    waste land. RB has stood the test of time. We might not always be popping or have
    the most activity, but we have a decent core community of members who stick around
    or pop back up every now and then.

    What do you assume has to happen for R.B to have more activity?

    Downsizing as far as the forum goes, and growth in aspects other than the forum
    (front page, social media, youtube, etc). The internet is a lot different than it was
    when this place was in it's glory days. So we need to adapt and expand our attack
    to avenues we haven't focused on before for this place to pick back up.

    What is it that keeps bringing you back to R.B?

    This place is home as far as the internet goes. I've probably spent more time here
    han on any other website hands down. Even when I can't stand this place I still check up on it lol.

    What vegetable do you most resemble?

    Probably lettuce. The most boring part of the salad, but a necessity.

    What are the things you think R.B could do without?

    The large quantity of forums we have. I think fewer would bring the community
    together more and help pick up activity with feedback and posting. And that dude
    ronnie who always makes posts about how to rhyme.

    In a perfect world, what would you like to see R.B doing?

    I'd love to see RB thriving with talented cats that want to participate in stuff.
    I'd like to see it become a central hub for the rap battle culture. A place up and
    comers as well as vets come to discuss and share their own battles. Quite a few
    people that are making noise in the battle scene have come through this site.
    I'd love to see us expand on that and get to the point where it's like
    "you're not on RapBattles.com??? you're corny b".

    What have the highlights/defining moments, been for you, so far on R.B?

    Meeting and competing with some of the most talented artists I've heard of.
    The talent pool of this place used to be soooooo deep. Coming up at the time that
    I did it put me in the perfect place to be around talented people on their way out
    that I learned a lot from. I refer to a lot of the people I met on here as "one of the
    best rappers I've heard" and that's not a joke. Quite a few of my favorite rappers and
    battlers have been members here at one point or another.

    What's gonna happen if Trump gets elected?

    Probably a lot of shitty things lol. I'm still surprised there are people who are
    going to vote for him. smh.

    I miss Pair A Dyce, especially with his awesome Karaoke sessions.
    Would you like to see something like that here again?

    Yea, the Karaoke tourney is definitely a fun alternative style tournament that we have
    done here. I actually participated in the last one and had a lot more fun than I thought I would.

    So how's SS treating you? You enjoying it?

    I love SS. Topicals have always been my preferred form of battling on forums.
    It gives me a deadline to force myself to write. I like that because I don't always give
    myself time to write. I wish there were a few more participants, but it's been a fun
    season so far. Some talented people competing in there right now.

    Where did your love of writing come from?

    My dad used to write poetry and I picked it up from him. I went to Cali when I was
    7 and met my cousin who used to record his raps on cassette tapes. Eventually he
    moved out to the east coast and I asked him to teach me how to rap. He helped me
    write my first rap and after that I just ran with it. It became my favorite way to express myself.

    What do you think most characterises your writing?

    I like to think that I get people's emotions/feelings bubbling. Whether it's happy, sad,
    aware, sympathetic, whatever, I like to grab at whatever emotion/feeling I'm going for
    and bring people into my world by making them think they belong there. I like to think
    I touch on a lot of everyday topics whether in song or written form in a unique. I don't
    really try to re-invent the wheel or anything like that. I just try to convince the
    reader/listener to get in the car with me and go for the ride. You might see some shit
    you've seen before, but I'm gonna tell it to you in a way that only I can.

    What can admin and mods do to help the board?

    Recruit and be more active. I think seeing the staff active on the site plays a big
    role in how serious regular members take it. Interact with the regular members more.
    We were all noobs at one point. If anybody remembers what that was like,
    it kinda sucked lol. So let's be more welcoming to these newer cats and do our best
    to make them want to stick around and be active.

    What can the people and readers do to help admin and the mods?

    If they see a league or tournament in, sign up and participate. If a thread title sparks your interest,
    read it and drop a reply.

    What's your opinion on R.B feed and votes?

    Eh, we're at a stagnant level imo. I see a bit, but not enough for the amount of stuff
    that gets posted here. We def need more people leaving feedback/votes.

    Assuming that complete recovery were instantaneous, would you be
    willing to accept a year of total paralysis below the neck to prevent the otherwise
    certain extinction of a species of animal, let's say...Dog.

    Hell no. I like to be out and about too much. I wouldn't be able to deal with being
    paralyzed lol. So sorry lil doggy, but eff you.

    That's it. Thanks for your time Nahlidge.
    Always good to see you around the board.
    Shout out time!

    Shout out to the staff and members who post on here regularly. Whether it's in leagues,
    tournaments, Open Mic, The Lounge, wherever. Y'all are the life line of this place.

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    That's it, no more mag. If I ever hear "Site Mag" again, I'm logging
    off and never coming back. The nightmare was getting everyone
    on the same page and to get everyone to contribute and turn their
    shit in. But, we finally got it done, I appreciate everyone who stepped
    up and helped us get everything wrapped up this last week. A lot of
    time and a little effort went into this, we appreciate all the activity
    you; the members bring to this site and we wouldn't be here without you guys.

    Keep that shit up, I like that shit.

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