September 2015
Written by: Erebus

Shooting star, began closing in
A question bodes a friend or foe?
Its lights flashed as the air grew thin
Which alien life will they show?

It landed, our hearts filled with dread
Airlock opened, pressure released
Fleshy skin, hands raised, then they said
“Don’t worry folks, we come in peace”

We can take from them their wisdom
We can hear them all, if we must
Gates open, we show our kingdom,
Each of us is a slave to trust

We introduce our finest lords
Their grateful smiles are just pretend
Their knives sever our spinal cords
Back-stabbed by our treacherous friends

Mothers cried, losing their daughters
One decision, left us ruing
A whole race, murdered and slaughtered
Our world, gone, destroyed by humans.

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October 2015
Written by: Alphabet

weary world, cascading deprived of confidence
omnipresent populous
solitude; desolate, displaced and void
waves roll upon ears, dead with in words
listening, not to be seen but eyes are open
thought provoking
vision is but a verb, indifference valued
sound resonates yet is quick to be forgotten
separated in coffins
the weight of harmony is carried on shoulders
boulders stuck between a rock and a hard place
forever forgotten, only to be heard again.

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November 2015

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December 2015

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January 2016
Written by: Atti

she inhales until the gut of her lungs
can taste the glass;
she drinks so deep
that she surfaces
in shallow waves on separate continents
just before collapsing into the shore
- desperate for affection.

she's going to die like this-
a destroyer.

her heart has consumed every thing
it's every tried to love

and she wasn't raised with a backbone
thick enough to shield her heart
from the ricochet
of two overactive shoulder blades

so she gives in to pity
since it's the only thing that lasts
- she sobs
so hard that her inhales
become the sea
and she it

each breath another chest
of sea
soaked in midnight

she continues until
she's had so much to drink
off her own body of shame
she can't see the pain.

she's going to die like this-
and no one remembers a drunk.

she's been writing
these suicide notes for years
and setting them adrift in the bottles she's emptied
inside herself

a novel of a woman
and every love she's every lost.

she swallows hard

and looks into the sky-

the ocean sleeps alone tonight.