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Thread: Open Mic Rules (Rules Updated 6/7/16)

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    Open Mic Rules (Rules Updated 6/7/16)

    Open Mic Rules:

    1) TWO FEEDBACK LINKS NEEDED. - From now on, if you don't have two links of feedback within 48 hours the piece will be closed. People need feedback just as much as you do. Also, the feedback MUST be legit. I don't want to click your links and see shit like "Yo, this shit was tight, nah mean?" That's no feedback. That's being an idiot. I want good, constructive feedback. Explain what you liked, explain what you didn't like, explain whatever about the piece stood out whether it was positively or negatively. Take this hobby a little more seriously and respect each other

    2) DO NOT FREE POST IN OTHER PEOPLE'S THREADS!! This isn't a chat area. It's all about creative writing and showing off your skills/improving as a writer. The purpose of this rule is: We don't want 3 pages of a persons Open Mic to be you arguing with them telling a person how shitty their piece was. ANOTHER TYPE OF POST THAT WOULD CONSIDERED A FREEPOST: is giving 2-3 lines of feedback. 2-3 lines of feedback is the same as saying absolutely nothing most of the time. Don't do it because it WILL NOT COUNT AS A FEEDBACK LINK.

    3) NO BITING!! This is a no brainer. We're always watching and you will eventually be caught like every else has been. Biting is posting a piece that you didn't write while claiming it as your own.

    4) Line Limits No less than sixteen lines, no more than sixty (unless it's a crew piece, then you can go up to 100). This is so that people aren't getting their pieces dragged below by short, half ass Open Mic's and so that readers don't have to sleep through long ass solo pieces just to get feedback links.

    5) KEEP YOUR THREADS BELOW 3!! If you're featured on someone else's piece, then this rule doesn't really apply.. BUT, if you have more than three Solo Open Mic pieces on the front page at one time mods are permitted to close all but one of them based on the dates they were posted.

    6) BUMPING YOUR OWN THREADS You may bump your own threads at the cost of one feedback link. Please take note that any comment or reply that the author posts in their own thread that sends it the top of the page is considered a bump. If threads fall back to page 2 with little or no replies, the moderators may bump it to the front page at his or her discrepancy.

    If any rule is broken, your thread will be closed and/or other disciplinary action will be taken. Just to clarify for any rules including the 2 feedback links. If your piece is closed, it will be moved into the "Closed Writtens" area and a reason may be given depending on your experience here as a writer. Example: if you're new to the site, a mod will explain to you how NOT to break this rule in the future. If you're an older member, mods are permitted to close your piece without giving any info as to why because you should know better in the first place.



    Writing Tutorial

    LINK:Open Mic 101

    LINK: Tutorial: For more experienced writers.

    Now after you've read the tutorials, etc, etc.. & if you still can't grasp aspects of writing, THEN you should create a thread asking how to do the things you'd like to learn in the "Extreme Elevation" forum. I say this, cuz its hard for me to find time to keep answering Q's on flow etc. Thanks for reading..
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