Masquerade Massacre Rules
  1. No recycling lines. This will result in a disqualification.
  2. No biting. You will be banned from the site if caught.
  3. Check in to all battles as required by the moderator.
  4. Any pictures used must be agreed on by both members before the start of the battle.
  5. No swaying in the battles or chat threads, this includes complaining about votes and trash talking the other persons verse while the battle is still open.
  6. No extensions will be granted, this is a tournament and we can't keep it on pause for you so plan your week.
  7. All battles must provide vote links for at least 4 other open battles. If there are no longer 4 open battles, you will be required to vote on the remaining battles or go into the next week with deducted votes.
  8. Freeposting in battles is only ok until the verses are dropped, it will be cleaned up after that and you are no longer allowed to freepost.
  9. Outside members are allowed to vote, if we find out that they know who you are, your alias account will be banned and they will no longer be allowed to vote.
  10. DO NOT share your alias information with anyone, you must remain anonymous until the end of the tournament.
  11. No original accounts allowed, all accounts MUST be aliases to be accepted in this tournament.