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Thread: Bloomquist/Luke/Luminous

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    *Catalog in process, will update with more links*

    Strong Lovin Feelings
    Glory of God
    The Life of A Child (My Theory On Life 2)
    My Love
    For The Love of the Mic
    My Theory of Life
    My Definition of Rap
    The Girl
    Tha Girl
    The Death of a True Friend
    Forbidden Love
    My Story (Trilogy)
    Un-noticed Love
    5 Haiku Feelings
    Dear Manda
    Happier Weather
    Haiku of a Man
    Dear MRs Ruchardson You're Son is Dead
    Come Back
    Tears of Love
    The Floating Island (Haiku Story)
    Sun & Moon
    Po'Ethics Collab - Apocalypse
    Love N A Strong Attraction Brough About By Affection or Desire
    The Life of A RB Poet
    As I Glance Back
    The River of Life
    Infant to Man
    Pictures With Words
    The Pupil's Pupil -Ft.Sharp
    Writers Block
    The Final Tear
    My Last Goodbye
    Where Were You Mom
    Her Beauty
    Never Forgotten Legend
    Suicidal Love Letter
    Story of Denial
    A Poet's True Story
    Place of Sanctuary
    When Best Friends Love (Revised)
    When Best Friends Love
    The Blue Rose
    Naked Mind
    The End is Near
    Childhood Memories (Picture Poem)
    Beautiful Silence (Picture Poem)
    There's More Than One Way To Cry
    Child Forever Unborn
    Freedom With a Fence
    Random Rambling (Truth is Opinion)
    The Unheard Views Vol. 1-3
    The Hive Ft. Jekyll/Dan Dare & Foreshadow
    The Paroxysm
    Sonnet I
    The Bloomquist Mentality Diary
    Writtens of the Damned
    Sonnet II
    The Dust Upon Her Eyes
    The Luminous Haiku
    My Ending
    My Train of Thought (Spoken Word)
    Distorted Reflections
    When Best Friends Love (Revised)
    My Desperation - Po'Ethics Collab
    My Morbid Scriptures
    My Ending
    Untitled Again
    The Rain
    A Painter's Tragedy (Collab)
    Reach for the Stars - Po'Ethics Collab
    Spoken Word Untitled Vol. 1
    Lost and not yet Found
    Rules and Information
    What's Done in the Dark
    You, Me, and Us
    Racial Anatomy
    Hip-Hop is my Entity
    I believe, yet..
    Love Her
    Shadow Savior
    Exodus 14
    Love Say What
    Love Say What
    Quiet, I'm Thinking
    United we bomb & loot
    Havannah v3.0
    Havannah v2.0
    Cigars and Peaches
    I wrote this on a napkin (I miss you)
    Open Mic Vol. 1 Rough Draft (Spoken Word)
    Untitled for Emily
    One Two Ft. Tony B
    An Ode to You
    Pleased To Make Your Acquaintance
    That Boy Was Me
    Somethin I whipped up, check it out
    Respond to "Fully Loaded"
    Life Without a Mom
    Come and Get It
    I'll 4 Life
    Love's Purpose
    Apocalypse - Po'Ethics Collab
    Infant to Man
    The Pupil's Pupil
    Story of Denial
    As I glance back
    Expectations ft. Newz
    Something Wonderful Ft. T-West
    Death Inscripted Debate
    This Piano
    Portrait of Mind =Euthanasia
    Teddy's Cognition
    That Boy Was Me (Short Story)
    Rewind Pt. 1 (Short Story)
    Love is but another four letter word (Short Story)
    Man Vs. Himself
    AIM Freestyle - A Never Ending Poet's Road Ft. Mantra
    Soft Focus 9-11 Ft. SPL!T
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    Re: Bloomquist/Luke/Luminous

    damn .. that soft focus piece was probably my second topical drops on this site
    po'ethics /

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    Re: Bloomquist/Luke/Luminous

    all links fixed

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