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    Re: Nameplay Cypher

    i hunt as a sport for vultures and keep all sorts of sculptures
    excessive force, im moltres never sweat a hoardy's culture.
    cool vest of course its more than torture i swore i thwart ya
    cultivate this cult of whores ill even distort and dirt ya

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    Re: Nameplay Cypher

    ima borrow one of twistas lyric ill make you a over night celebrity if u fuck with me
    not in the same sense tho the only torture was litstening to that disorder you call a scripture
    but me ill twist his lyric spit something specfic and hope he hears it because it was terrific
    if not historic after this he can never again be a cynic words hittin hard he needs a clinic
    but if my lyrics ever got twisted id say that person was gifted right before he came up missin
    fuck flirtin with deATH they was kissin in the kitchen till i came threw with the blamy and done did him
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