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Thread: Nameplay Cypher

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    Re: Nameplay Cypher

    i hunt as a sport for vultures and keep all sorts of sculptures
    excessive force, im moltres never sweat a hoardy's culture.
    cool vest of course its more than torture i swore i thwart ya
    cultivate this cult of whores ill even distort and dirt ya

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    Re: Nameplay Cypher

    ima borrow one of twistas lyric ill make you a over night celebrity if u fuck with me
    not in the same sense tho the only torture was litstening to that disorder you call a scripture
    but me ill twist his lyric spit something specfic and hope he hears it because it was terrific
    if not historic after this he can never again be a cynic words hittin hard he needs a clinic
    but if my lyrics ever got twisted id say that person was gifted right before he came up missin
    fuck flirtin with deATH they was kissin in the kitchen till i came threw with the blamy and done did him
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    Re: Nameplay Cypher

    Lyrically you have no structure and you bore this vulture
    Only an idiot would try to bring a whore to culture //
    Kill yourself like sex slaves who find out they were just whores in cult lore
    Dress ya self up like a clown and try to call it coulture//
    Your want goar you ll be a stuck boar
    With each appendage nailed to the bed after your head is smashed in the truck door//
    Skin filleted blood drained n poured n bones stained n stored onboard a train so you can say i train-these-whores
    Have em run tracks all day like jockeys training-horse//

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    Re: Nameplay Cypher

    this is my house, you rent a room just to help out- and
    its definately no inside joke.. when he lockz himself out
    please you nob, there isnt a chance that its me youll stop
    cuz in reality im pretty much the key.. to defeatin lockz
    to tell you the truth your boring, so u wont be stoppin me
    hes obviously slept on the way he spelt locks with z's

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    Re: Nameplay Cypher

    Bumble B, more like you mumble, G
    you better transform out of a honey bee
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    Re: Nameplay Cypher

    I'm sea hope, I'll hit the ganja, than hit you; like leaf smoke
    I'm wearing shiek cloths, you may be a 'line dealer' but you'll never be dope!

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    Re: Nameplay Cypher

    sinacog thought she sinned at God
    but she just lost in a fog
    she turn into a frog
    and sank in a bog
    og grog pog
    pig big pig
    piggy porky pie
    gave it a lovely creampie
    in it's kitten
    with the mitten
    i'm just kidding like a wild child
    thought he was ugly
    fugly rugly
    rug rat
    pug cat
    pussy pie
    i sucked a cats pussy
    and then i dies
    and went to cloud nine
    Last edited by Ragian; February 16th, 2019 at 06:59 AM
    Trapped in a cage outside of time,
    I'm left with nothing but these words to rhyme,
    Words that used to punish my mind...

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    Re: Nameplay Cypher

    You know what rhymes with Ragian?
    A doubly unwise homosapien.
    Or does it? I dont speak stupid.
    Probably the reason you seem clueless
    So it's not the best name in the world
    But compared to mine in this expressed lane it's not worse

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    Re: Nameplay Cypher

    Everyday I wake I pray I advance often
    Reckless, driving like I canít crash car son
    Seatbelts, means Iím cliqued in, No gang depiction
    When we collide no surprise
    the outcome and your name got the same description

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    Re: Nameplay Cypher

    Encryption unbreakable Zuckerberg cant pass
    Slick stays safe with an unimiganable pass

    Not even Hawkins glass
    Could penetrate

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