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    Ranking system rules(How it works)

    To be considered for a title shot, post finish battle links in here.
    Updated Always.

    Simple Point System:
    if you win..
    5-0 = 50% of your opponent's points
    5-1 = 40% of your opponent's points
    5-2 = 30% of your opponent's points
    5-3 = 20% of your opponent's points
    5-4 = 10% of your opponent's points

    DQ Win/No Show = 5 pts or 25% of your opponents points if they have 20 or more pts.
    if the person your facing doesnt have points you get 5 pts for a KO, 4 pts for 5 - 2, 3 pts for a 5-3 ect.
    Champ Match & Cont Match you get 50% of your opponents pts regardless of voting spreads

    DQ/No Show Loss= -25% of your pts
    Ban = lose all ranking privileges


    ducking ur callout because they dont wanna lose there points..there must be proof of them ducking u like posting everywhere else but not in ur call out they risk losing 25% points but the person calling them out does not get that.. if the person is to busy at the moment to battle they have up to 1 1/2 weeks to get a battle going or risk losing 25% points

    FL cyphers -
    2-3 times a month a cypher will pop up.. 1-2 style dissing people. the winner will be announced n the winner will receive 10pts toward there ranks

    Spotlight battles -
    twice a month i will be picking two people to face eachother that are doing good n i think would make for a decent battle. winner will receive 8pts toward there ranking + 25% of points off person they beat

    voting on champ/Contender matches -
    you will now only receive 3pts for voting on a Contenders match, 5pts for voting on the Champ match

    Top 5 Ducking Rule -
    top 5 can be called out by anyone in the top 10 rankings once a week
    Ducking the call out will result in forfeiture of up to 10% of total points
    Call out limited to 2 people on one username per week
    FL Champion cannot be called out but can accept battles at own digression

    Points for different accounts will not be added towards 1 username

    Additional Rules
    For DQ WIN, You must post a verse. 1,2,3,a,b,c will not get you the DQ NO SHOW win
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