Production Company: The Boom Bap
Production Style: Live recording layered with sequenced software instruments.

Production Credits:
Julian M. Kelly self-titled album
Splivit Jams Presents... Under The Cover Mixtape
The DMV Featuring The Ouro Boros "Don't WannaBe"
RapBattles.com Best of 2008 Mixtape

Opey is a producer & engineer from Baltimore, MD. He started playing piano at 6, moved on to saxophone at 10, picked up guitar at 15, and moved on to bass and keys soon after. He started learning the art of engineering at 18 and produced and mixed his first full length studio album at age 20 for local Baltimore R&B artist, Julian M. Kelly. The album was one of the last albums recorded at 1137 Recording before they closed their historic facility in early 2005. Since then he has both produced and engineered several records for local artists ranging from folk & rock to hip-hop & R&B. In 2008, he completed his Recording Arts degree at Full Sail University. While attending, he produced his first music video entitled "Don't WannaBe" performed by his own hip-hop trio, The DMV, and his in-house studio band, The Ouro Boros. He currently owns his own production studio, affectionately named The Stew.