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    Featured Design Shops

    This will be used for featured designers who are willing to provide services.
    Each shop will be listed with a bio, link to websites (if available), credentials and what not.
    If you are interested in having a featured Design Shop, please PM ILLunatic, Jukon & or Brandon Cee with the following information.

    Become a Featured Designer
    Bio - Information regarding what you're offering
    Website - Link to your website (must be yours)
    Credentials - How long you've been designing, awards, etc.

    Featured Design Shops

    ILLunatic Graphics
    Bio - Offering custom designs of all kinds
    Website - ILLunatic Graphics (.com still to come)
    Credentials - Graphic Designing off and on since 2003.

    Bio - I'm JUICE.MUNY.
    Website(s) - Facebook.com/PurpleCupDesigns, JuiceMuny.com, CargoCollective.com/purpleCUP
    Credentials - Designed for various Arizona artist, promoters, and business owners.
    Other artist as well such as LOCO NINJA, AND MIKE MILLS.

    Rhetto KahNN...
    Bio - Tag Maker and other designs
    Website - Deviantart - Methodistgraphix
    Credentials - Graphic off and on for 3 years, 23rd all time SOTW contest winner on other forums, GFX Battle all Time Record 36-6, Helped with many forums custom/editing Skins Including bodybagsent and anime forums

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