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    Challenge 9:: Monosyllabic

    Without being afforded the luxury of ornate or overly flowery vocab and through careful word selection, write a poem of at least twenty lines comprised of only monosyllabic words. As always, when you're done feel free to post your piece in the main forum if you'd like feedback.
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    Re: Challenge 9:: Monosyllabic

    your breast are the first fruit
    i thirst for its sweet drink
    my hands flows fill in your hole
    and i take my pick

    as my love rains down
    the rose in your field gets moist
    the more i feed it
    the more it blooms

    your tree makes roots in a vast plain
    i mount its hills,
    her mounds spread open and is filled
    her cave is mines to enter

    i reached its peak, and saw her on a throne,
    she crowned me lord of she had and all she was
    and said what is mines is your to have
    as far as your eyes can see

    the streams of love that flow through her
    her eyes as calm as a light jade
    her lips like a fine silk
    i would not trade it for the world

    fixed sonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn challenge complete
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    Re: Challenge 9:: Monosyllabic

    a word in pain for wrong turns,
    paged ways through books
    as elves shoot cups half full.
    he grains the clouds
    as it tears shards of lisps
    from her mouth.

    every so vast and vague,
    count the stars till its clear
    less proud with glass tongues.
    the sight is brok-en i can't
    see what lays soul-less here now.

    no love, no pain.
    no you so no me.
    -good to say bye now

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    Re: Challenge 9:: Monosyllabic

    The past keeps me from sleep.
    Past acts in this play of life, keep me up at night.
    I know God will not let me pass, through those gates of bliss.
    If god is real,
    I hope she or he, will see why I had to do what I had to do.

    The past is a place full of haze in a mix with doubt and hate.
    I try not to go back to those days, but my mind makes me go.
    I was young, dumb, and blind, to what I saw.
    What I did.

    My soul falls in a vice, due to the past
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