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    Yo... this is my last verse i dropped... can u plz help tah find my issues n solve them

    W/ rhymes u 'take a lift first' but always end up at buttom like elevator DOES IN TOWER i mean u come hard at beginning but at last 'your pen~is shrinking' like after u GOT IN SHOWER(penis) so, Beat me?? Nah u got "weak~end to take me out" didnt mean on a date so, dnt come w/ gifts OR BRING FLOWER i meant your ending sucks!! Only ppl that'll cheer "seeing ya bring lightwork" are nepalese who get power cut for THIRTEEN HOUR (weekend).. claimin u fuck with bitches?? U aint type with whom those reTARDS WILL RUMBLE, u aint playboy or nintendo, u aint tough or HARD!! U HUMBLE ur always seen searching for 'weak n lonely heart to prey' like leoPARDS IN JUNGLE(hart) i mean u are pain in the ass, being w/ you?? girls will rather ASK FOR PILES so, if some chick says, i need to use ya 'hard disk' then its to TRANSFER FILES n this is not a joke!! I'ma TELL YA'LL QUICK FACT he hasnt taken "pussy inside his house" for longer than person whos ALLERGIC WITH CAT.. he acts like thug but we all knw THAT HE'S FAKING so, i'ma grab the neck of this FAG N MAKE HIM, choke so, bad he'll think i'm asthma since his breath is WHAT I'M TAKING 'raise arm n make scratch with nail' like tryna mark the spot at his SKANK FACE n 'will leave him breathless or nasty scar'.. not singing taylor swifts BLANK SPACE
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