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Thread: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    Aight Defiant, im a mental giant
    in this rap game made all the bitches came
    in they panties, wanna learn ta flow jus ask me,
    dude I feel sorry for ur family, sadly they gotta panzy
    yah u'll see me at the grammys, u'll be workin the alleys
    suckin dick like a lil bitch while me I be gettin rich
    an famous while u fuckin dudes in anus,
    ill be livin in a mansion u in pandanus,
    tree atleast it grow fruits perfect cuz ur a fuckin fruit loop,
    diseased infested bitch what u got the croup
    u fuckin dupe why u actin a fool,
    dude u drool, an me... i fuckin rule,
    learn to write bitch... go back to school u fuckin tool
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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    The baby view of defiant. It would not suprise me if you are still bouncing up and down in your nappies in cot. Don't be surprised when I throw you a bottle... and a, noisy rattle, for you are not prepared for this grown up perceptive battle. Unfortunately, son, you are lacking the crystal clear clarity to lift and wield the sword of words. You have made yourself to look like a zero in contrast to my supernatural blast, I will shoot this shit, laughing away, as I watch you dancing around patting flames out on your smoking arse.

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    ok folks.

    blah blah blah blah, is all i hear in your verses.
    i gotta brand new car for you... it goes by the name of a hearse kid,
    see me ive been spittin from birth,lyrically n literally,
    ill bury you wiv hitler, jus so u can go down in history,
    im sick witgh it when im spittin listen bro i'm bigger than,
    goliath. your tryne tell us to reach out for your little hand

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    So it be ur turn Divine,ur name should be i whine
    lil baby i dont give a shit hate me,
    bitch im a star look at me shine,
    think its time for u to go climb
    a tall building an jump off,
    bro ur nothin but a jerk off,
    speakina jerkin off u love workin cocks
    in an around ur mouth, dude u cant even talk
    u have so much cock in ur mouth,
    bitch this my house so leave now,
    theres only room for 3 great rappers,
    Slim shady, biggy an of course me Zacky G,
    faget u'll see me at the grammys, u'll be in the alleys
    suckin dick for a quick buck, well heres my dick bitch... now suck

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    zg (25) ive had to decide, your text is like 2 different people nothing ever rhymes.
    but put that aside ill give you time to revise and devise something that can remotely interest me without showing your true demise.

    im all for newbies trying to bring it, i can dig that,
    but when you say cock 3 times in 1 sentence,
    man that shit is whack,
    stay intact and stick to facts,
    cuz your gay punches make you look like a fat twat
    binging food from the floor in your cheap ass council flat.

    so zacky G quit ya dreaming, cuz u aint gonna make no grammys when ya shit has no meaning,

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you


    Blah Blar blar blar blar sounds like we have another poor Eminem imitator. As I read your rhyme my mind entertains a (((picture))) - one who suffers uncontrolable drools of saliva. Your down syndrome attempt is worthy only to those who feel sorry for ya and wish to show some sympathy, really, truly, I have empathy, as I'm completely free from the need to pretned I'm something more than a garden weed, In fact I'm happy in knowing that I am only seed. But the code within is destined to win, growing by ingrained design, success is mine.

    I am the history maker, the story teller, a modest lyrical creator. However, feel free to weave yourself to be bigger, badder and greater, better than the best with no real subtance in your chest, sitting in a tiny river boat where people come to point and laugh at your poor man's joke.

    @Zg 25

    You may delude yourself to be the shine, I will humbly assume the postion of being the blackness which allows you to be seen in the night sky without darkness there is no silver light. It appears that you are the one that likes to pull on the cock, would not surprise me if you wear suspenders, frilly knickers and a frock, playing man Cindy for another man. Your imagination seems to be allured to sexual flexible diversity and is a reflection of your own errection towards your disturbing fantasy. I suggest you keep away from the gangster rap shit because your full of it. Can't even be bothered to create any more, for the rest of your rhyme looks like it's been fucked by an aides infected man hoar.
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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    Yo J-min, i aint no newbie an i do bring it,
    YO YAH DAWG i do dig it, relax man all u doin is wiggin
    the fuck out so chill b4 i sock u in ya big snout...ya dig
    bitch i may not be a nig, but ur not either u as white as a northern hick,
    or are u a spick?, o heres one for ya, DO U SUCK ALOTTA DICK?
    ima call u sir dick lick,dude ur ryhmes are dull
    mine as sharp as a toothpick, all u be sayin is "whose DICK
    shall i suck next" Sorry u jus look like a faget in ur pic

    Ok bro ur lines are vexed,
    im sure u dont even know what that means
    ur so brain dead, well man ur really vex,
    annoying an all ur doin is makin this cypher perplex,
    u really need ta chill the fuck out,
    didn't know there were a lil boys with P.M.S,
    ok mister he who flex in the mirrior
    an take pics of himself like a lil queer,
    whats that u say, u like it in the rear,hahaha
    o J-min u really make me sneer,
    keepin dissin bitch i show no fear
    ill be here all night crackin these beers,
    dude ur dead to me, put u 6 feet deep buried in ya bier,
    thats a coffin for all u dumb shits here...

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    O divine yes i love sex,
    whos up on my list,
    sucks for u ur bitch is next,
    dont worry ill practice safe sex,
    sych, im gonna straight up blow it inner
    pinner up againt the wall,
    guess ur dick was to small,
    looks like im the winner,
    its ok man i know u jus a beginner,
    sorry loser sure u'll become a big boozer
    an a big drug user an a woman abuser,
    u look like one u weird lookin hun,
    worthless fuck should shoot u with my gun,
    yah this diss I deffinatly won

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    You motherfucking bitch you dont know who you messing with prick
    you are ugly dont make me use your motherfucking nick
    numbers on ya nick thats stupid like ya mom kid
    fucker i will put yo in a boat like william kidd
    your a fucker, bitcher, and im the real hitler
    you gonna get littler, remember im not a baby sitter
    you son of a bitch you mom is a whore that sells cheap herself
    still kid, thinkin'bout elf's, gonna insult you thousands times myself
    i'm pro you fag, yo dissapoint mah, dont even bother writing me back
    you racist bitch you hate color man, fight ur enemyes u'll see their black
    rap battles aint yo place, no case, remember dis isnt a rap race
    yo should erase, you worth nothing get some poker face, we dont have peace
    45 posts u should be proud, ask the crowd, who raps more "loud"
    you should not be rap allowed, you gotta see me between the clouds

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you


    Would continue with this post, but I feel
    that I am dealing here with those who lack
    the ability to elequently clearly
    express the living soul depth. Engaging
    thoughtless folk who struggle to string a
    fine line of words to stimulate and hold the
    attention of my divine mind only serves
    to drag me down to the same level
    being fucked by the devil. I'm ok being a loser
    and a winner for I have the balance to free flow
    and greet and accept both. Long ago I left behind
    the playground play of your subtance and now my
    experience is one of elevation swimming through
    pure loving creation. Maybe, you should try a
    little meditation and expand and so extend the
    landscape of your perceptions.

    I could quiet easily make claim to winning.
    In fact I feel that I have, but I don't want
    the trophy, It appears that it is more important
    for you to win than I, so here, I present
    this trophy to you as a gift from Divine and
    I hope it gives great satisfaction, but remember,
    your sense of winning only lasts for a short time.


    Mother fucking spasitcated mind junk food I leave for the fools, its funny how people hop and dance about like jesters thinking it is cool.
    Last edited by Mantra; July 30th, 2011 at 08:25 AM

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    Good one, but call my mother a whore again
    it'll be the last time u speak ya nig,
    ill put a cig out in ur eye ya dig ya fat pig,
    wow, did i really mean that? Are u really that fat?
    im sure u got buck ass teeth like a rat
    an i know u more annoying than a nat
    wack u with my fly swatter...splat
    HAHAHA aight les be for real

    Mac u'll never be a baby sitter,
    ur a baby urself so hows that gonna work,
    man ur so brain dead that when u have to shit
    u cant even find the shitter mr hitler,
    i may be ugly, but atleast i aint cunt free
    like you..hey divine you too you fuckin jew,
    heard u like winnie tho pooh, whatev thas coo,
    now mac u black bamboo, here comes fat ass its the BLACK SHAMOO,
    dude u have no value, but bro if u gotta Valium
    please cough it up, u dont need it anyway ur jus a young pup,
    ur a disgrace to life ur a fuckin scrub that cant even get a chub
    unless he sees a dude, ur dicks so small its like a lil snub,
    bitch show me attitude again im not afraid to crack a dude
    in the face if thats the case than maybe this is a rap race
    for heavens sake would someone please get this fat kid a cake,
    bitch i could go on for days, mac u suck so much it hardly even pays,
    i think one more line will do the trick,
    diss me i dare you, an ur ass will be kicked lil bitch

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    Divine Soullight twinkles and shines like the faggot from Twilight
    A drag-queen wrapped in rhinestones
    He gets tag-teamed looking like a Las Vegas side-show
    Rainbows he boasts, but likes dick in his ass by way of his throat
    Sits down to tinkle, white crust 'round his anus wrinkles
    Though, I guess its alright despite he's a guy and sleeps with a nightlight
    Couldn't be any more queer and lame with his pink username
    Don't get it twisted, you're getting lyrically raped
    My punchlines will pound you out and make you straight
    Get the message, slick?
    That's how you make someone with a dick your bitch

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    Everybody in diss the bitch above u stand up an cheer
    lets have a beer an celebrate in this forum everybody here?
    Probably not divine sure hes gettin some guy up the rear,
    sorry bitch did i make u shed a tear quit bein suck a queer,
    dude ima hero in this forum im like my man lear
    i fear the end of the world is near so i pack my gear
    fuck yah im weird gotta bushy ass beard,can u hear
    me, did ur gear come eared thats ears
    of a specific kind got this forum cheerin
    for me, Sorru Jung u suck to much faget u got the gay touch
    are u apart of the brady bunch?
    i dont know seems like u like to muncha i buncha cocks,
    i aint black but i gotta lotta glocks so watch what u say ya dumb fuck
    jus suck another dick an keep ur mouth shut u dirty lil cock slut,
    i know ur lookin for that man butt u dirty lil dog ur a fuckin mutt
    lets hear ur bark, u sound like a lil bitch with that high squeal pitch
    in the heavy woodlands u belong throw u in the fitch,
    ur not even good enough to be throwin in a ditch u lil bitch,
    dude my balls itch, i know Jung u'd glady itch um for me,
    zacky g be numerio uno, yah Jung an Divine u know thas how i roll
    Last edited by zg25; July 30th, 2011 at 02:45 AM

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    Guys be patient when you hit the button to reply, there have been a lot of double posts.

    Also if you're going to diss more than just the person above you that's fine, but instead of making an entirely new post just edit it into your first post.

    Thanks and good job at keeping things moving thus far.

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    Thanks bud but now ur above me Mantra,
    ur my lil elf, im the great santa,
    ill be more patient when u admit im the best an face it
    that no one can out spit me,ill diss every bitch on this
    forum, all ur disses dont bother me i jus ignore um,
    dude Mantra why didnt u diss me u fuckin moron,
    let me guess, your on divines dick u lil prick u,
    thought u were better than that,its all good
    nice work ill give ya a pat on the head, o yah sorry man i forgot
    i got ur bitch in my my bed,one thing lead to the next
    an yep there goes my dick in her but, bro u know ur girls a slut
    least ur not as gay as divine,hey fuck u bitch this is my line
    of coke u dope fean, divine sucks dick for shit,
    speakina a shit i gotta take a dump
    would love to keep at it, but my rump
    keeps talkin, aight peace im a fly out, im flockin...straight fuckin jockin

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