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Thread: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    I dont need 10 lines to get on his nerve
    you suck at everything you do according to your verse
    this guy thinks he is hard to play
    but he is as pussy as ray
    why can't you just suck a motherfucking dick
    cuz in you block the whole neighbours has fucked your chick
    really stop that rap and get a job
    go to king burger to meat mr.bob
    shit you got me piss off now son
    the next time i see you around .. i'll back hand slap you face.. done
    L.Y.R.I.C.A.L S.W.O.R.D

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    The World's 9th Wonder
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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    so you're a 'lyrical sword' - to tell you the truth, i don't feel troubled,
    i'm spitting big bars, you just dribblin' the bubbles,
    and i'm poppin' em, taking you to the cleaners,
    your men? my army's droppin' 'em, turnin' them into screamers,
    they leave us, it's just you and me now,
    you dropped rhyming couplets like - how can i say? - a girl,
    i hurl, cause i'm ill - sicker than you are, prick,
    you're physically wrong but still get me ticked,
    from beginning to end, your piece was missing atleast wit,
    p.s. the only thing you backhand is your one inch dick.

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    HAHAHA you make me laugh Elizabeth
    Cuz I know you dropped you best written Mr.seth
    Why would you talk about army and include penis?
    shit you're the type that fingers your anus
    Fuck that's gross my son cuz in reality
    you're a homeless fuck face plus I shit on your family
    why brag about somethin' you can't do
    Only time you're better than me is in your dreams.. Clue
    It's true.. fist me one on one and I'll flash your face
    Call me Bully cuz I just ate your plate..
    L.Y.R.I.C.A.L S.W.O.R.D

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    ok ok heres how i'll start
    i'mma break your heart
    call me mr hemp
    your back hand is weak
    i'll show how to hit like a pimp
    not the whore im selling
    knock your ass on the ground
    run you down
    then back over reserve
    you no more than a schoolyard bully
    i gave the last one brain damage, nows his lying snug in his wooly
    you call yourself a lyrical sword
    but with your lyrics im bored.
    i run this fucking town.
    bitch i'll show you why this is my crown

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    You've Earned a Custom Title! Lyrical Sword's Avatar
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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    Dude you suck.. and you Avi tells it...
    why write lot when you can't spell it...
    I see no diss in what you called diss...
    do me a favor and go live with them fish...
    I'm weak but you're weaker...
    That crown you own is made of paper...
    I'll use it as a the toilet roller...
    Fill it up with shit them make you eat it...
    I own the gold crown and you bow down...
    change your rhymes cuz there have no sound...
    L.Y.R.I.C.A.L S.W.O.R.D

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    Lyrical sword, your really a boring slut and nothing that u rap is tight
    Your rapping aight, but ur transitions are as bad as hermaphrodites
    Like your 1 syllable rhyme scheme, they dry as beach balls without visine
    My vice tightening, take my advice, take a night expand ur thought; widescreen
    Dope shit is way out of your league...but u got little buzz out of the weed
    Its probably just me your style doesnt add to ur hype, its just way under me

    "the ink of a scholar, is worth a thousand times more, than the blood of a martyr"--lupe fiasco
    "I'm sonnin' ya'll like father's day/disrespect pop and get popped like Marvin Gaye" Skillz


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    Im awkward on purpose N0BLE's Avatar
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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    krytical your pitiful but fuck that your shits obscurely sewn
    kids overtly prone to being nothing..
    ......like the talent that his words have shown
    youre worthless though..
    cause youre played out im rare like moon rocks
    this goon stops and thinks of boats when i tell em go back to the boondocks
    who's hot? go find a mirror and show yourself whos not
    yeah you thought...
    but you wouldnt be a problem if you were mathematic exam
    better yet you wouldnt be a monster if you came in a can
    or even if you were a dinosaur right in front of japan
    youre just a confused bitch who thinks she could be a man
    im awkward on purpose because i hate people

    follow me on twitter: @NobleCAM_JR

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    I'll serve all of above me just to prove who's fake
    no mistake my flows served cold just like rice cake
    noble's wack text flow show's he's a no go
    and when he spit we walk off like his Toad Stool logo
    Kritical's ability is far from lyrical my spits a go
    hit his flows and turn his bars to ceral*
    lyrical swords typical animation visuals lets me know
    that these 4-4's Shall end (shoaling) his temple's
    Shootah!! will never shoot you its just to amuse you
    he's only used to seeing shells when he pukes cheesy Kraft noodles
    you dudes doo doo and now Restructor is here from you tube trying to claim his bars isn't recognizable but their completely see threw
    We Hogg Tie'n em up cause these niggaz is full of beef we just fryn..em up

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    You talk about crap in ya rap
    I talk about facts in mine
    You all know its my time to shine
    hustle everyday stayin on my grind
    like tony hawk anyone readin this can suck my cock
    may not be the next tupac but everyone sayin "zack you rock"
    i rock the mic all you others will never no what its like
    to be a genius, to have fortune an fame
    in the rap game snortin cocaine with the insane
    full head a hair i got that dude needs rogain
    i gain respect you'll see my name at the top
    you think not ill flop my cock on your chin
    an watch ur face cringe while i go on an addy binge
    Last edited by zg25; July 26th, 2011 at 02:14 PM

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    Rapper Recycling *J.R.*'s Avatar
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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    Your flow is terrible, did you write it in a coloring book?
    Oh wait, your not smart enough to spell,sorry I was mistook.
    How dare you try to challenge anyone in here, you're not on the level,
    Your against good flows, lyricism, and skill so they call you a rebel.
    Your just a mad faggot who never made it, and washed up on a forum,
    It's the internet, if people read your shit, they'd be dying of boredom.
    Give up, go away, make some milk and cookies.
    That way you got good news and bad news, rookie.
    I'm back bitches!

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    my words are explosions, everything that comes out my mouth is a prolific statement,
    like... "I feel like giving into my emotions, and slammin b.nutz head onto the pavement"
    if you think you know the game, lets get back to basics,
    i'll give you 2 left jabs, a right, and an uppercut to result in a permanent face lift,
    it's play shit, i'll hit you so hard it'll make you wobble like your wasted,
    contemplatin on where to leave your dead body decayin,
    either in a trunk, trash can, or deep in the basement

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    Prolific, ur far from terrific take that verse an stick it
    up ur ass, ur a faget like that whos dick is always shit packin
    as im stackin loot, ur wearin a gay ass suit while a dudes takin a poop
    on ur chest, fairy mofucker tare in that dudes asshole,
    im sure this wont be the last pole u suck so goodluck u gay fuck

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    I'll spill ur blood on the carpet, bitch your retarded,
    can't believe that you started a war with an artist,
    so physically fit, equipped with bottomless clips,
    rockets attached to my hips, c4, chetties n shit,
    go ahead n attack, i'm well n ready for that
    i'll shoot you once in the head , n twice in the back

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    You've Earned a Custom Title!
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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    The restructor rhymes like an ass hole pucker
    runnin from the flames as i light up his cypher
    I see your a rookie your first time in the hood
    your all ate up like jerky sayin its all good
    your rhymes are shit and you lack any whit
    get a f#@*%n grip pick a spot and just sit
    lets take a vote your bout as smooth as grit
    with writing as sloppy as french arm pit
    So with this hit I hope you get the hint
    your f#@*n spent and your hottest round didnt make a dent

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    Re: Diss the bitch above you

    Rookie you may be, names zackary g
    all you fagets can hate me, but ya cant beat me
    in a rap,Flipped ur a pussy, think you need a cat nap
    Purr all day thinkin to urself, why am i so gay?,
    maybe cuz you scare all the bitches away with ur ugly face,
    yo bro stop rappin, maybe take up bein a dj cuz ur raps are like the color grey,
    Dull as fuck, you like the wood like a woodchuck
    you would suck dick for pennies, even give out freebies
    weekly, you a freak for the pee pee, ya like dick in ya mouth,
    to you it tastes yummy, fuckin try me bitch, ill make ya face all bloody

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