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Thread: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    If you want it you can get it mother hubbard it's on,
    You write to beats, but it's not battle rap & sure as fuck ain't a song,
    You try spit flames but it backfires, over gassed up n it's wrong,
    I spit flames, fuck a volunteer fireman, you'll be a compulsory one,
    If it's 50 per person for a table of 10,
    Something's telling me it's not a crazy event,
    Sounds more like a barn dance - you copped a stable for rent,
    blew your welfare cheque n then stayed in a tent,
    Facts tho, that's the first shit of yours I read n then smiled,
    Cuz 1 bottle of henny between 10 - incredibly wild,
    What have I learned? That you think singing destiny's child
    while being 10 deep & tipping the bouncers for protection is style

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    As this clown hates and shit, never paid a bouncer but developed relationships, and they would pay me, I know it sounds crazy, when kicking niggaz out they would run there pockets, pull out 200 e-pills and be like who want it, just give me $200, I flipped that into $5000, you forgot tipping bartenders, yes we are spenders, I was giving you game, you too fucking lame, you don't know what the fuck you're saying, this is what happens when niggaz start capping but all they do is stay in, for my downfall they praying, God ain't listening maybe you should try Satan, now you the next lil Nas x in waiting,

    I'm -iLL Finesse

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    Leave the mephedrone, methylone & meth alone, try taking downers,
    Cuz one minute you never paid a bouncer, then 2 bars later you paid a bouncer,
    Tipping the bartenders, thinkin ya fly,
    Funny you rented a stable n they were milking ya dry,
    I know what you're thinking - how dairy try mocking me? Ill,
    I'm not saying you don't have the knowledge or skill
    To buy and sell drugs, make profit at will,
    But unless it's NZT, no one's paying 25 dollars a pill,
    Your homies left saying "Yo ill was gassing like a snapped valve,
    You see him hangin with security tryna act pals?"
    "Yeah, dude shouldn't need back up if he blast cals,
    Guess he was tryna get his gay on with the staff, like Gandalf"

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    Gandalf? I'm bad man of sorts
    More like Gannondorf, fuck being good, I got your bitch locked up in a cave in the woods, behave, understood? I'm holding you for ransom, I want a new phantom, if bag don't come with the bag? DAMN SON, we playing TAPS, Is that a metaphor? perhaps, it's all apart of my plan to bring summer of Sam to summer jam, I admire Leatherface, and plan to do the same after I send your dame to a better place, chop her up to pieces, then put her in a cooler and drop her off at a precinct, the coroner determines time of death to be fairly recent, I'm driving off cheesing, because dissing the bitch above you was the reason...

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    I'll give you twice as many guns & some extra ammo,
    Still couldn't see me on a glacier wearing desert camo,
    I fuck girls in their 20s, you never have though,
    You've only sampled 50s beats - pa parl'americano,
    I'm extra guano, bat shit, but don't think the sights off,
    You wanna beat battle til I batter n beat you like a white cop,
    Beat you to the punch, beat you with a right cross,
    Get beat down, But don't beat yourself up, cuz that's my job,
    I bet this guy stops tryna rhyme hot when he realises he's going through a lifelong dry spot,
    You wanna drive what? A phantom? Right, errr,
    maybe stop writing about phantoms and get a phantom writer,
    I can tell you're a bitch by your raps, and vagina,
    Fin can't touch me with these bars like avid divers,
    I really don't need a strap, or rapid fire,
    This material make you travel skyward like paragliders

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    Paragliders? Dude, I'm higher than what you aspire to
    I'm a sire that's admired, listen Wart at best you're a squire
    But to burn my kingdom you must spit fire
    You thought you could? LIAR! Or you been lied to
    Nobody wanted to tell you because you're too PRIDEful
    I don't view you as a rival, hand on the bible
    I'm the man with the title, many have tried to take it, yes many have tried to, in introspect, since I've joined the internet to analyze Earth's inhabitants intellect, sometimes I interject, store up now before winters sets, be prepared, your overlords are here to leave you in despair once we take our share, and if you resist? Well then you might miss Christmas, Your dame is my mistress she likes to put her lips on my equipment, I deposit a shipment, still tho you in the closet with dildos just staring at it, you lost your train of thought and apparently that's a habit, faggot, automatic ejection for having erections when you text men, I know it's 2021 but if you're heterosexual then you get him (me)

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    My rebuttal game lazy, my team banged your mum, she wasn't paid or bought,
    Steamed through & blew her mind, we ran a train of thought,
    I be rating Jaws, you seen it? Then what you still gassin about?
    You know soon as Fin pop up he'll get a can in the mouth,
    Dunno why you're hangin around, firing like I haven't killed you yet,
    You're in my shadow with the gun play so it's-ill-who-wet,
    I'm a hitman, Before it ring sign here, prenuptial deal,
    Top gunner, shot buster, Scott Summers for real,
    I make plates with the beam like structural steel,
    I'll make Ill eat the iron like a nourishing meal

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    The adventures of Bag Mandela, mad vanilla, sad fella, got raped in a back cellar, fag endeavors, I remove you from this situation with tad effort, I son you like I'm part of your dad's network, now you mad and hurt, listen playa this that Madden curse, take your pads out your purse, you get mad when shit gets adverse, adversary at work, I don't circle jerk, I circle jerks, then corner them, now Urkel's Merc'd, this is how virtues smirk, in this virtuoso I'm first and you dirt, I'm composting niggaz so I call you niggaz new earth, I'm stabbing niggaz for riboflavin, go go gadget Draco, I'm insane bro, Waco is tame, I'm just trying to maintain as I plot, my livestock is not on the New York stock exchange, I got crops, ops watch, undercover cops circle the blocks of the turf like clockwork, No need to show bag how the Glock works, he could literally punch me in the face and it would not hurt, if we was cell mates in prison he would wash shirts, I tried to warn him he should not flirt, now I rent him out for cigarettes, each week 2 boxes worth...

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    LOVE the content... dealing with a male bitch hitting me in the dark myself. LOVED this! Believe me the pain is excruciating more nights than not but I just use an ice pack and heating pad and that usually helps me thru the hours.... especially when used to block my family. Not my favorite beat but also love that you wrote to one. I hope this site go live again so we can get some groups together. It’s hard to do your best unless you’re up against the best of the best. I miss rapbattles.com for real.
    DISCLAIMER: the word faggot is not used to describe a sexual orientation but rather the action of acting just like a bitch! Sorry to anyone I offended! ~ CLA919

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    2 boxes of cigarettes a week? That's all the income you'd make from renting me for men to beat? Sounds hella cheap, your economic policy might need amending G,
    I don't know if that's because of how my aesthetics be or whether it's just better than giving up yourself for free, but I'll trust your opinion cos its not my area of expertise, plus, based on the aforementioned scheme - where dude fantasized about bunking in a cell with me - I can tell it's embedded in Finesses genes,
    In case they read it on a sleeping vibe; Bunk - embedded, cell - genes, its aight,
    I don't mind going at finesses bars cuz I see they're light, but dropping scriptures on a disciple? Jesus Christ,
    I'd rather offer a solution cuz you need advice, and keeping on the theme of Jesus Christ the saviour;
    if this male bitch beats you up, buy a taser, a giant laser, catch a flight to Asia, or get yourself a dog with a violent nature,
    don't pretend it's working - dis-guys a waster

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    A waster? A waster of rhymes on a waste of time, on the waist? You know the time, when it blows it shines, then it blows your mind, you wanna say hello to this little friend of mine? The pen defines, this place died, then once bag came it became gentrified, I reappear and the pressure intensifies, it's genocide on those who pretend, that we are even, gives me reason to mistreat them, delete them till they obsolete, no oddities, hot commodities, only sodomy that represents the dichotomy of this monopoly, "it's in the bag" is the name of this chapter in the glossary,
    He thought he could hang like apostrophes, but this bitch couldn't handle the misogyny, I rep the people, be in the streets where everybody can see you fulfilling prodigy's prophecy, if this was a draft I'd be in the lottery....

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    You're mistaking intelligence as gentrification, I'll tell ya why,
    All you know about me is from some text online where I drop sets of lines,
    you see that my vocabulary is comparatively extra tight & I spell it right,
    So upon revisiting your accusation a second time,
    It's analogous to - my bad - I'd have said it's like,
    We took an algebra test, your score was low, mine very high,
    And you reacted by saying, "Maths has been gentrified!",
    Soon as I set the sight you're a target for the burst rate,
    Pop quick as kids with pins at a party on their birthday,
    Complaining when I grab the thing n spark it in this nerds face,
    if you don't like the pole position don't be startin in the first place,
    You still write stuff to beats you have no talent to rap, you smoke cabbage n grass, you tell girls you're romantic it's cap, but based on the actual fact that when you cross the road you've got to hold hands with your dad

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    When I cross the street? I hold the hand of my son, when you cross the street? I understand why you run, even tho this for fun I gotta keep it real child, you don't live a lifestyle that excites a crowd, only time I give a fuck is when the lights are out, I know you're a fan of me, understandably, I'm on top like canopies, with two oscillating fans plus two can fans so they can breathe fresh air, carbon scrubber causing uneven pressure, I've perfected the best cure techniques, when I'm with freaks afterwards you'll find wet sheets, when people hear you speak they can tell you're weak, a geek who I would beat up in a street fight, let's meet up, I'll beat you within an inch of your life, then ass pinch your wife, if your kids watching? I'll say "maaan that nigga will be alright" then mean mug em, leave em in fright, till you all have nitemares of me at night, you smart like...

    Do you know the meaning of life?
    The meaning of Christ?
    The antichrist, with my life on the line I represented myself more than twice, came home that same night every time, I been playing chess since the age of 5, born in the boogie down so I got that New York state of mind, representing the DMV, because of weed they stay taking my license from me, to get it back will cost a fee, instead of bickering, I move like I'm a sovereign citizen, posturing to get it in, fathering the styles of you ignorant illegitimate, thinks he's literate but never considered a dope spitter, nope nigga, how far you think hope gets ya? Anything I've ever wrote is scripture, I am the image of your deity, what you see in him is what you see in me, repent immediately, expediently you heathen for not believing in me, cretin, if Yeshua = Joshua then who the hell is Jesus? Created by Greek men, the changes that happened they've given no reason, a tactic used to mislead men? Greek scholars regurgitated African teachings, just add it up, mathematics, astrology, all from Africa, but by who? You may not know but I do, your form of knowledge comes as a haiku, you make zero points like the energy I use to fly through time while you stuck in place because of the way the planet gravitates, and yet your words hold no weight like you in outer space, you outta place is the case this alpha makes, next time I rhyme will be to seal your fate...

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    I'll put my enormous dick in your mum's enormous twat,
    Pull out just before she squirts & call her fat,
    To answer your question, "what is life's meaning?",
    The meaning of life... is to give life meaning,
    Which for you is knowing the size of a guys dick by feeling,
    You said you've played chess since the age of 5,
    You're not a grandmaster, so, waste of time,
    Weird how you've gone from killing killers
    to having an ELO rating in triple figures,
    You love pawns n boards n checkmate,
    Cuz besides that your life is:
    -porn & bored ✓
    On RB you like to fake trap in ciphers,
    In real life you're known as 'The Wanking Sniper",
    Cuz you buss a lot with the scope, when you aim n zoom,
    you've got your dick in your hands, spying on naked dudes,
    If he says he got you in the lens n he can spot you in a second, he's not about to drop you with a weapon,
    It's just cos his binocular collection has gone from hobby to obsession,
    You turn your lights out, night vision, he doesn't need em on,
    He got a long range mic, n he keeps it on,
    Perfecting the art of the peeping tom,
    Ash Ketchum fought him in long grass, wild creepamon,
    directed by how perverted his mind is,
    But you don't beat around the bush - you beat off ​lurking inside it

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher


    I am in rare form
    I am one with God
    I can make air form
    I only appear as norm so you can prepare for him
    What I write sometimes excites fags
    So I punched my way out a wet paper BAG
    This that second coming
    The Shepard's shunning a Lepers cunning
    I expect you to be running, I am exceptionally stunning
    Mentally gunning down clowns who was never meant to be nothing
    mentioning me has lead to something, potentially dumping
    right into your pumpkin
    when your body losses it's function it poops, no assumptions
    it's truth
    You could be the proof, it's not an issue, no sniper
    just a Glock to pistol whip you
    For getting hyper, you can be the center of the heat, Matt Geiger
    Geiger counter going beep beep beep when they find ya
    2 footprints, 4 lips, 2 was from your vagina
    I should be charged for manhandling a minor
    Then explained how that's insane, of man I am the designer...

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