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Thread: Topical (OM) Cypher

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    Re: Topical (OM) Cypher

    In valley born of primal broth, dinosaurs collide with raw talons.
    Claws and jaws narrate nature's condition
    Only the strong is the battle cry of ancient tradition
    In one corner's the terrible tyrant. Rage full and vicious
    Across the moor exists a far greater scaley nemesis
    They danced and feigned in vast terrain shrouded in pathogens
    They dash and dodge, slapped and boxed avoiding the trap thats set
    A gash, it reddens as they mash their chest, clash intense
    Once the dust settles only the last will stand
    as spinosaur stepped from the smog and gasp for breath.

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    Topic: halloween
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    Re: Topical (OM) Cypher

    On a holiday where the devil comes out to play
    Im strapped and paranoid with that AK
    This gun really clap Im strapped the trick or treaters could really get they neck snapped
    Death standing right behind me, Right now Im trapped in this jail
    Let me out of this cell, got demons dancing in H3ll
    Its the holidays so I'm writing bars lyrics and relaxing
    Im black try scaring me while this pistol Im packin
    Im masked up ready to rob this joint
    They like you too old to dress up for halloween
    Im like whats your point Im bout to rob a bank toss the mask and smoke a joint

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    Re: Topical (OM) Cypher

    on the banks of Plymouth. Rocking Planks, we grimmaced. Mildew; stank of living under dank conditions. "This land!" the vision so Grand. Pilgrims expanding trench of Atlantis? Or is it? Man with skins of gravel Smitten by dazzling vestment; t'was Magnificient. Then nature's magic inhibits; habits. deficit. Ravaged by winter's grip. Rapid blizzard bashing flesh of bashful immigrants. Then here comes those happy indians. Sharing platters. prerequisite: "Happiness. friendship." That is until well...we all know what happened after this..

    Topic: NBA
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    Re: Topical (OM) Cypher

    The circus of the stars, jersey sales and ticket prices
    flashing lights, iphones and all the other devices
    the years of practice, in the gym waiting to get rated
    all the losses and the struggle, trying to stay motivated
    hours shooting hoops, rebounds and running drills
    in hopes of one day the game I love... could pay the bills
    draft night, a thing of dreams I could only wish for this scene
    hopes & prayer that I get chosen by my favourite team
    take the stage, shake his hand and get my picture taken
    its surreal, they called my name? or was i just mistaken?
    pick 3, its the pacers but at least im staying home
    my family on my mind as I scramble for my phone
    "momma we made it!" disbelief, she tells me "son, calm the whoopee"
    the bottles flow, its time to go a day in the life of just a rookie

    Topic: pain
    I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.
    ― Oscar Wilde

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    Re: Topical (OM) Cypher

    strike a nerve as you cry from spiked bats
    words don't hurt til kid bring the facts
    smack you with the force of a king and pimp
    make you run home, right into the stink
    laughing at your situation under the sun
    in the same boat til its a stick up
    got a head full of insane stuff, its rough
    like the e.r. when I see who really tough
    cause pain like death notes
    don't wanna stop like his breath chose
    there's a lesson to be learned
    karma's a bitch that I went on an burned
    now I'm stuck to the wall, I don't dance
    tortured by demons, in a trance

    topic: monster(s)

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    Re: Topical (OM) Cypher

    I gots ta get a grip holmes
    Everyti e this boy rhyme he stoked
    Bro am i being gay with ya
    Im like dah but i dont rest my case with flaws
    Smack him with his own paw
    Said hahaha your learning how to crawl
    I was like shit man but you aint gotta beg
    Flippin decks and short with it like that aint your best
    Im like a coffin way it needs to get blessed
    Actually shit man you aint so bad
    Dont make me look like rat only cause you bitch and a shady fag
    Some where..the class decided...over the rainbow...
    Yeah but not if i made u a cup of joe
    Some sugar?? Some milk??? I was like boy you best chill
    Cause my raps always kill guess u some jack and jill way you gotta climb a couple hills...

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    Re: Topical (OM) Cypher

    No topic?? Guess I'll just spit random shit then.

    Feel a bit like the Arrow, Bloom you failed this cypher
    Run you down in a Green Camaro, boom.. you've paid the piper
    Straight out the gate with a confused mindset, mentality twisted
    But it's reality I'm gifted, i'll pull a topic out my ass I insist-kid
    Or maybe I wont, fuck-it i'll pull random shit out the ole' bucket
    Flying by the seat of my pants bitch an you can go suck-it
    Spitting a blind rage behind where the minds caged
    I'm like a sage with words the way I bring life to the page
    Painting the canvas, damn this I don't know who I am miss
    I'm lost like I aint in Kansas, but i'm bringing down the house bitch watch me land this!

    Next Topic - Cannibalism
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    Re: Topical (OM) Cypher

    along the Scotland marsh where the shores, lush and green,
    seaside locals toasts to the tales of old Sawney Bean
    and his band of heretics.
    nestled in a cave along the jagged cliff
    passerby dare not ventured at night
    or risk being "gone"; its not just a myth
    sawney and his inbred kids
    exists in darkness. the Moonlight drifts
    along the blackened sky
    everynight, a song, or more so an answered cry
    men, women, children - all customary seasoned for this people pie
    cannibals of the loch, whistling a tune that pierces right through scotland marsh.

    topic: sleep paraysis

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    Re: Topical (OM) Cypher

    Sleep Paralysis;

    Imagine you woke up but you weren't really awake-
    a thought lost in the AIIRR- adrift slowly to space,
    in only a moment the numbness would resolve by itself
    a soul trapped in a body......the preservation of self,

    imagine the very second, invariably less than the time it took you to realize you're barely con-chen-chis, (conscientious)

    apparently blinded- tempted by a false advertisement, still whatever i buy im never really content with,

    cus when i finally wake up and reality hits me, i think "you gotta be shitting me, kidding is THIS week"?

    and i and got no money but i gotta set of sick beats, kicks shiny as cletes- a whip where i'm prolly gonna haveta sleep......

    no more numb bum from sleeping in the drivers seat, im awake now i see the path is very clear to me,

    the only way to get to there is by starting here, baby steps to full sprint, flash cards to fine print.

    all the time I spent believing in You, to find out that I need to be perceiving the truth,

    for myself not be led by mis-cheevious (mischievous) groups into dark pits of snakes where their venom is spewed,

    im more awake now than ever and Im seeing the light,
    i walk a long path, the hard road is keeping me tight,
    soulja for ja- only if we needing the fight-
    to move on when its right until another spliff is ignited............

    N/T- violence
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    Re: Topical (OM) Cypher

    A Story of Violence

    Since adolescence, I was raised a menace;
    I don't pray for repentance, I was made from vengeance.
    Demons and apparitions can test my patience,
    but there's no salvation in the Hell that awaits them.
    See, the angels never got my message,
    now see the danger that angers my essence,
    fills my chamber with rage for strangers;
    I can choke 'em with fear - Yeah, I'm a strangler.
    Destined for something major...Life-changing.
    Many held me close to their heart, but never aimed me.
    They shamed me, hid me from babies
    or simply showed me off in front of the ladies...
    And lately, I'm just tired of it;
    I wanna look in irises and start firing shit!
    I wanna shoot through their immune like vitamin shit,
    spread through their system like a virus and shit!
    Spew my insides and watch them die slowly;
    then surely this homie picked me up off a dope fiend.
    He grew to know me, told me stories of hate;
    about how he wanna kill the nigga, shoot him right in his face!
    Told me how he wanna start plotting bitches graves;
    I told him "Yeah, fuck them niggas! I'ma kill 'em today!
    Ay, just load my gauge and point that fucker out,
    and no doubt, his brain will blast right out his mouth - BANG!

    So don't forgive me Father, I bare no guilt.
    September twelfth was the day his blood split.
    Murder is why I was built - Fulfill the prophecy.
    I off'd his skull's mold 'cause his soul was offered to me;
    Now, he's my property - I own his history;
    Everyone knows it was me - It ain't a mystery.
    Now, they fear me - Too scared to come near me.,
    See, they listening hard, but they ain't tryna hear me.
    I make the streets eerie; they know I'm capable,
    ever since I laid a hole right in his temple;
    and it was simple - No hesitation.
    They say I ain't living right - They're deadly mistaken.
    I'm steadily making myself a reputation.
    I'm the creation of the Devil's temptation.
    Heartless and vacant, my eye seeks to destroy.
    Clips hit him quick like "What happened to that boy?!"
    Kill for joy, just to fill the void,
    I get inside his mind like Sigmund Freud;
    No motive, no warning - Just prepare to die.
    The day I killed a man was the day I became alive!

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    Next Topic: Truth will set you free...
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    Re: Topical (OM) Cypher

    The Truth will set you Free

    the truth lies therein, therein lies the truth
    from the root to the trunk to the fruit, it's absolute
    taste it and become like God, eat it and know good and evil
    this day is bound to confuse generations of people
    am I a liar or am I a servant?
    why even listen to a talking serpent?
    look closely and examine the lies before your eyes
    lest you be confronted by mankind's biggest surprise
    look closely and examine the lies before your eyes
    lest you make your biggest mistake and face your ultimate demise
    but before you choose your next move I ask you please
    use your Power of Reason, what your mind's eye sees
    because everything happens for a Reason
    so tread carefully before you commit treason
    it isn't always clear as crystal
    and not as easy as blowing a whistle

    people will hate you for your choice
    people will wish they had a say with their voice
    you were wrong, you were wrong
    now, why can't we all get along?
    it's bad enough that I live in a broken home
    where Pa hits Ma and we are on our own
    separated from God sitting in his glorious throne
    If this is a family, then why do I feel so alone?
    and then my oldest brother killed my other one
    why should a mother have to live to bury her own son?
    humanity is just a war torn family
    trying to live a life ever happily
    we are the one's caught in the middle
    riddled with bullets and missiles
    trying to hold on going insane
    shits getting too crazy, we was pounding our brain

    fast forward to today, the time I was set free
    thinking about God and life brought me to the brink of insanity
    if the truth will set you free, then what is my destiny
    now I see that everything was meant to be
    everything happens for a Reason
    everything happens in it's due season
    I am who I am and that I understand
    that to be a God you must first become a man
    Now that I'm here, I don't know where I'm going
    It must mean something, because then I'm not all knowing
    God knows all things, so that can't be me
    but I do know that the truth has set me free
    still I'm in confusion, did I have freewill or was it all an illusion
    guess I do not know, I do not have a conclusion
    therein lies the truth, the truth lies therein
    where a book ends, a new one begins.

    TOPIC: Shadows
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    Trapped in a cage outside of time,
    I'm left with nothing but these words to rhyme,
    Words that used to punish my mind...

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    Re: Topical (OM) Cypher

    grass burns, gas churns,
    the mad dash towards the gallow again.
    shallow the hands, that show most full,
    sand gathers in the shadow of man.
    hallowed the land, turned hollow,
    mollycoddled thugs on patrol full throttle,
    wide open, divide growing,
    as the round table splits into dividends,
    spear tipped, and driven in.
    the dollar slithered in front of the sun,
    and cast a dagger through every citizen.

    new topic: elephants
    po'ethics /

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    Re: Topical (OM) Cypher

    love the bumbling elephants, tusking air like their hands in duskless african skies of our distant cousins
    drunk on sunken stumbling skeletons of land where savannahan deserts and rise like unwitnessed thunders
    stomping down the dance recital revival, living one day after another liberated with funk for survival, free
    swinging their grateful trunks like bags of snacks by the arrival of bums who've been shunned by society
    singing to appreciate the moon in the empty blackness between the green foliage, ivory white boniest
    swaying to each side, back and forth the holiest, not soviet yet just as stranded by the reawakened loneliness
    the elephant weeps for their sweet homes in the deep jungles within the humbling canopy's shadows
    the familiar sleep of unsung love creeps through leaves to these families like unscrambled channels
    their eyes steep like peeping kettles to the strung sweeps of the poachers and they seep in their torture
    but beyond horrific abomination of the devils and young abortions they strive forth with forward postures
    then, misinterpreted decisions across invisible oceans where they are held as hostage of the hopeless
    they're painted on canvasses that were stolen like criminals from promised oasis and rightfully chosen
    as thin as the ice that the woolly mammoth pounded on passage, their vestige's ancestral monolith sounded
    the thick skin of the animal is a lesson, for as their loud noises speak volumes, their hearts move mountains
    where the echoes of the spirits of the hiero-elephant and other of the worlds denizens become magnificent
    is the hollow sentence of howled existence when they've convinced themselves freedom in restricted conditions

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    two birds with one stone
    Twyll th` ChyllTyrant
    & The Crooked Empire
    & Association

    And Like That... He's Gone

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