A Few Rules All Members Must Follow

No freeposting will be tolerated in this forum. If your thread is one week or older or has 7 or more posts it will be closed and you will have to make a new one.

No Battle Polls whatsoever may be made in any part of the Bitch Slapped. If you make a battle poll you will be warned,then if you make another after the warning,you will be banned from the website

Rules must be specified in the callout thread, and once the rules are made
by the thread-starter, they may not be changed by the accepter but can be negotiated until both battlers agree.

If Your Thread Doesn't Have A Lot of Replies, Then Up It. Dont Make A Whole New Thread.

You may callout specific people OR you can make an open callout for anyone to accept. However, you cannot set a battle until someone has accepted it or your win (or loss) will not count.