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    Hall of Champions

    1-2 Punch Hall of Champions

    Season 1 Champion: @Emerge
    Runner-Up: @Mystery~Murdera

    Season 2 Champion: @COM
    Runner-Up: @Born To Kill

    Season 3 Champion: @COM
    Runner-Up: @Elwood

    Season 4 Champion: @Celestial
    Runner-Up: @Expo

    Season 5 Champion: @Celestial
    Runner-Up: @Jay Walker

    Season 6 Champion: @Chrit
    Runner-Up: @Axe

    Season 7 Champion: @Jay Walker
    Runner-Up: @Chrit

    Season 8 Champion: @Vaskez
    Runner-Up: @AZN Seoul

    Season 9 Champion: @Philly®
    Runner-Up: @Vlad_Tempus

    Season 10 Champion: @Blue Bayou
    Runner-Up: @2nd Verse

    Season 11 Champion: @Philly®
    Runner-Up: @Tim

    Season 12 Champion: @Tim
    Runner-Up: @Beyond

    Season 13 Champion: @Blue Bayou
    Runner-Up: @rule

    Season 14 Champion: @Vaskez
    Runner-Up: @Cry

    Season 15 Champion: @Born To Kill
    Runner-Up: @Brandon Cee

    Season 16 Champion: @The Archetype
    Runner-Up: @Verbal Hologram

    Season 17 Champion: @King
    Runner-Up: @Ink Edible

    Season 18 Champion: @Wise Ways
    Runner-Up: @TayTay

    Season 19 Champion: @A.T
    Runner-Up: @Quest

    Season 20 Champion: @God of War
    Runner-Up: @Token

    Season 21 Champion: @Alphabet
    Runner-Up: @Ridiculous

    Season 22 Champion: @Smog
    Runner-Ups: @ill kay & @Letterman

    Season 23 Champion: @joog'n (via No Show)
    Runner-Up: Muff

    Season 24 Champion: @Tim
    Runner-Ups: @Notti

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