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Thread: The Shelter (Freestyle)

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    Re: The Shelter (Freestyle)

    wow i'm glad you got that off your chest
    but in this kings castle no time for ur jest
    balls to the wall cause u sportin no vest
    that means ur backs to me in death u shall rest

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    Re: The Shelter (Freestyle)

    aint fallin in love & what i know is this,
    since bitches aint shit but ho's & tricks,
    spit the dopest shit, with the coke in hits,
    gettin clown noses but aint a joke in this,
    if ya a hopeless bitch, find a poke in ribs,
    tie ya up tight cause my rope is thick,
    but hit it twice? dont hold ya breathe,
    why r u still here, I already sold the meth,
    gonna spend my riches til no gold is left,
    keep ratchet jawing,get iced cold as death,
    can shout & wail til ya dead im about to bail,
    dumb ho.. all you need is money to stay out of jail

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    Re: The Shelter (Freestyle)

    this is ridiculous, im sick with this
    hideous feeling that im dealing with kids and shit
    its pretty clear that even though im a stranger
    like harrison ford im a clear and present danger
    cuz im straight to the point like the edge of a razor
    but the rainbow bitch i got nothing but praise for
    as far as the rap it seems to reach a point where
    you could pedal it faster and still youd never get there
    the last dude to post just seems like a psychopath
    bloodbaths have impact, but try for a second draft
    if you were in the looney bin, theyd make a special brace
    so they could put the straightjackets straight on your face
    so they wouldnt have to hear your stupid psychotic rap
    the only cord you need to pull is to flush it when you rap crap

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    Re: The Shelter (Freestyle)

    im comin 4 the rookie of the year, the mvp and other trophies,
    so toast me and act like u know me, if not then blow me,
    can u do better? nah but if u cud, then show me,
    not 1 wack verse, not 1 wack line
    a stat thats that dont happen everytime,
    but check my rap lines, u see how i attack w/ these ryhmes,
    shoot with power the same way the gat's designed,
    im gettin dramatic w/ mine cuz shit is gettin drastic this time,
    if my shit drop, it wont flop, u'll be happy 2 rip off the plastic this time.
    dont let the baby face fool you,
    inside the mentality of an assassin,
    im brash when i thrash anyone laughin,
    cuz when im rappin im mashin,
    the beat is the pussy and nigga im smashin.
    if i dont come hard, then im soft, the beat escapes,
    im a violate it cuz when i flow , its raped.
    w/ the beat sound low, high or acapella, im still a problem,
    the shine is mine,
    murder me on my own track? nah wont let u rob him,
    u better off bringin ya pistol to the studio and pop him,
    cuz only the force of god can stop him,
    go head and jack my shit and jot him,
    cuz ppl imitate and copy what they admire,
    u got me? the fame the riches is what im acquire
    no need for gas or electricity to spread my fire!!!

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    Re: The Shelter (Freestyle)

    Hand me the keys to the Cypher, don't need a Prayer to bring it back
    Return the Hall Of Fame already, then it would be so fucken whack
    In fact its just plain garbage, without it........what have we got?
    we got more fucken threads open.......then people who actually drop
    So stop treading water dude, cause some changes are sorely due
    Do as I say or you'll be sorry, cause the blame is solely placed on you
    return the thread that counts, otherwise the Cypher's going to bed
    I aint typing this shit for son you better listen to what I said
    Last edited by Verbal Hologram; April 27th, 2009 at 05:38 AM

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    Re: The Shelter (Freestyle)


    im vain about coke and drugs,
    smokin buds rolled up in 'dem coconut blunts//
    cock-n-squeez peel fitted's off n' open nuts,
    take the wallet n' then start takin off//
    holdin up 5 drug stores for anti-psycho's-
    psychotic, criminal minds the women find erotic,
    not for profit, we use until we overdose,
    feel the baseline slowly turn to comatose//
    speakers pumpin up loud we always into somethin',
    drugs n' fuckin wit fly hoes they alwas suckin...
    no reprucussion-
    weed puffin blowin mad clouds, thats how-
    we do it when ou come to my house.
    deadlest of virus insane like guilty pleads,
    still it seems to be the crack code we follow on streets//
    swllow a pill up or fill up-
    on henessy- "RIDE like 2 pac and ROLL ON MY ENEMIES"...(quoted)
    2 shots you wanna let the cops come in,
    one in the leg another shot in the stomache,

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    Re: The Shelter (Freestyle)

    i'm soothing minds moving this music everyday of the week
    refusing to quit using drugs trying my best playing for keeps
    all these dreams are just scenes that'll never come true
    or so it seems because in another ones genes he's one too
    my mind is one of a kind they say elevation is the key
    i'm walking blind in rewind til this interrogation is at ease
    through crossfire and barbed wire i'll do this til my death
    never retire or get tired of doing this til my last breath..

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    Re: The Shelter (Freestyle)

    The lowest denominator like you will get chased down by the terminator,
    For ever,
    I'll assist the governator, cause I'm a dissector, soon to be dictator, mutilator, can't wait to throw my next victim in an incinerator,
    That's why niggas call me the hell merc,
    Cause I can do my work when people order dirt,
    I'd hide the substance under a girl's skirt,
    The cops won't even know where it lurks,
    I work faster than an pandemic,
    Cause I'm fucking epic,
    Stop whining like dick,
    Pick a rifle and join my click
    I killed Hitler to be a greater evil/ I spit at Lucifer and killed all the devils.
    I like my death metal gigs on the darkest nights/ while I like my rap and pussy damn tight.

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    Re: The Shelter (Freestyle)

    my pieces aren't humble they'll knock you out and wake you up
    that a conscious punch. knocking you unconscious you stupid fuck
    i empty clips in the air coaxed on by the support of booze
    than laugh at any victims reported on the nightly news
    spend enough for a forty in the cups of veteran bums
    for their story and their glory of faded tales in the sun
    shaded by nothing but the light hearts of others
    everyone knows a fallen sister mother father or brother

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    Re: The Shelter (Freestyle)

    Clearly, im the sickest person posted here in a minute/
    Ya girl love me cause i got swag, but u to timid/
    I hope u haters listen, or better yet read slow/
    I aint the violent type but the 40 make em bleed slow/
    I really dont need-no body to tell me cause i know i'm hot/
    spent a hour in the mall tryna decide on whats shoes to cop/
    Fuck it ima buy em all, i'm young so i gotta ball/
    I know one day I'll prolly fall/
    Til then head up, chest out standing tall....

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    Forget about it
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    Re: The Shelter (Freestyle)

    I dont rap, im just a person that thinks to a beat
    must have everything perfect, down to the last key
    OCD,CDO im not sure
    but what i do know is that i must write evry thought down, b4, my day can continue to roll
    sum ppl call me crazy, others a maniac
    so what if i walk up 2 ya sister an sell her pregnet ass crack
    I'll die, come back and die again before you pass me
    I'm at summit and still runnin past you like a track meet
    my mind is racin, and i can only rap so fast
    so imma hire little chinnese kids to type my raps
    16 bars is all i need to kill you
    imma monster, eatin you like a steak after I grill you
    I'm nuts, a mass murderer of rap, like I kill jews
    I say whats on my mind, wit no hesitation
    thats why you cant beat me
    I'll tell you what to say, and I promise you still couldnt defeat me
    Most Dope

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    Re: The Shelter (Freestyle)

    worst thang about rap, is deez half ass critics
    i shoot dat fast at ya gimmics, while im hearin u dissin
    1 more word outcha boy lips..n im pullin dem off
    have u shook EVEN wit a cross, burry deez catz n leave' em lost
    opa-locka is were im from niggaz...n i rep to da fullest
    i step at ya bullys broad day n make it shake wit k bullets
    stuck n dis world without a clue of when n where i b next
    im more serious at audio pussy but still, beware of da text

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    Re: The Shelter (Freestyle)

    i get blown away when im holdin' sway,
    started with a B' then she rolled a J,
    stay up until we at those golden gates,
    break up & assemble til we old & grey,
    tear up the place til we need a shoulder brace,
    but until then partake in what we sold today,

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    Re: The Shelter (Freestyle)

    Im the lyrical Hannibal Lecter spittin' bloody lyrical lecture Hip Hop's sieral killa
    Thrilla in Manila Yun Nique blaze shit like godzilla droppin bombs like Sadom an evil Deceptacon
    Can't withstand my golden arm I move more men the Farrakan
    Bound by honor never puff Marajuana shit yall spittin is liteweight my flow heavy like broke water

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    Re: The Shelter (Freestyle)

    Im a savage beast like the minotaur
    Effecting lives like the menopause
    Injecting knives to feel the force
    Leavin blood stains on the kitchen floor
    Heart pains from that bitchin whore
    who im missin more, who im crying for
    traped in her lure, who im dying for
    pleading to the skies with a lion roar
    ~ Evil R i s e ~

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