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Thread: Swimming with Sharks

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    lol fuck this isnt a poem, hit on the link from there, ok forget eevrything i just said
    new comment: its fucking great

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    Re: Swimming with Sharks

    Quote Originally Posted by The Ruckus View Post
    I was feeling this. Very deep, passionate. You have a way with words, just the way every emcee should. But fortunately, not everyone does so lyrics like this will stand out even when not in the limelight. Great imagery, the flow was on point. Vocab was right for the occasion. attitude quotes Its refreshing when you can say more with less. But overall, very nice post, you can definetly feel that you put something behind it. Major props, I'll be reading more of your work in the future.
    yes, you are right...

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    Re: Swimming with Sharks

    Great piece glad it was upped... needed to hear it.

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    Remember how when the tide would pull in youd see the baby sharks getting pushed in with the waves and you could see them all swimming? We used to swim with sharks all the time but I got scared for real when they started biting!
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