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Thread: TalkSick vs. VaryAble

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    TalkSick vs. VaryAble

    10-14 lines
    due tonight
    house rules
    lets do this shit

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    dont care.. u wanna spit first?

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    You spit whenever between now and tomorrow morning cuz it's nearly 1 am here and I need some sleep so I'm givin you the fair same rules.. Just extend the due date till tomorrow by 12 PM, as in lunch time.. I'm gettin some sleep now.. Might get a few bars done, but not all.. IIght, wun..

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    aiight so due date is 10 AM pacifiq
    1 PM eastern


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    juss got bak from party... lil burnt out but lets do this shit...

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    Talksick? you cant fucken talk shit..
    only 2 peeps in this battle....ill make you start 5th
    You just an emcee without a rap permit...Definit illicit..
    Throw ya in a cell, leave ya wit some1 called 'Big Bob' ta jerk it...
    Do hip hop a favor and step outa tha game
    make like a superhero's nemesis and step outa the frame *
    The odds of u winnin.... they tend to stay low
    Like the Black///Colour ratio.. in the brightest fuken rainbow
    Ima run ya over like water on rocks...
    Tsunami this bitch and slaughter him t'a rot
    I wont be a bitch.. ill be warm at heart
    Ill leave ya for sdizzle ta finish ya off
    This bitch should take pepsi cap's advice and try again next year
    Think twice before spittin ya shit... cuz ya text's queer


    aiight yo spit by 1...

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    Face it, on paper ya gettin rippled-and-out-punched-bitch--
    You just ain't 'vary able' like a 'crippled-without-crutches'--
    Bringin 'fire' like the 'hot-sun'-is, you lost-son,-SHIT!!--
    How you even a 'Flyweight', you don't even got-'1-win'--
    I'mma 'make you look stupid' cuz I could '-KareLess-'--*
    And you just 'in need of protection' like 'unprepared-sex'--
    Like a 'remote control' you just keep 'pressing-my-buttons'--
    With a 'toxic disease' I'mma keep infectin-thy-blood-quick--
    Your just a faggot trynna spit yet you come-so-terrible--
    If ya 'added some skill' you'd still be an 'unknown-variable'--

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    The Way
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    Jul 2004
    Battle Record
    Not a great battle.... sorry Varyable... we repping yukon... but you got ripped.... Talk sick nice structure wordplay and multies where tight.... all around nice verse... felt the punches personals where there... everything was on target...

    Varyable - you gotta elevate look at your structure... make it better... makes it alot less sloppy.... your ideas are there your punches land... but you just gotta work on some of the basics...

    Overall - Talk Sick came harder in all catagories...

    Vote - Talk sick

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    May 2004
    Rockville, MD
    Battle Record
    Pretty one sided...

    Varyable - I just wasn't feeling your verse. A lot of your punches didn't even make sense and seemed extremely forced just to make shit rhyme. And don't talk about sdizzle finishing him off and queers, that's all gay shit. Work on writing more direct and creative punches.

    Talksick - Not a fabulous verse, but enough anyway. You started decent and really trailed off towards the end. The opener was nice and the 2nd bar was a nice personal, but the rest was kind of eh. Even so those 2 bars hit hard enough to easily take this for you.

    Vote - Talksick

    I took the time to vote...please return the favor fellas

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    Uppin^^ (x1)


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    You've Earned a Custom Title!
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    Nov 2014
    Talksick took this one with ease. He killed on multi's, wordplay, and personals. No offense Varyable but it looked like you was just ramblin on about shit that wasn't relevant.ex: the cartoon thing was goin somewhere but you didn't take it all the way. It's like you did the most obvious pun and the shit barely made since. However ya flow was alright ya just didn't hit hard enough. Talk, again, loved the use of multi's and good word choice.Good Battle.

    Hit my battle up if you get a chance...Peace.

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    Thx, I'll return the favor in like 7 more posts people^^ (x2)

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    You've Earned a Custom Title!
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    Aug 2004
    Ma Fuckin Ml
    Battle Record
    this battle was garbage...both had weak verses and played punches but i think talk took this one cuz his lines werent totally gay and he didnt say "colour" fuck outta here iight talksick gets the vote return the favor fam its the secong battle in my sig

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    Uppin (x3)

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    uppin 1.........................................

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