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Thread: Joker VS Crooked-Comical

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    Joker VS Crooked-Comical

    10 lines
    no crew
    no feedin

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    Your A Faggit, When There Is Cocks Near You It Gets Very Drastic/
    Id Tell You To Suck my Dick , but You Wouldnt Take It As Sarcastic/
    Fuck Talkin Shit Im Past It , Show Me Your Verse ,I'll Fukin Blast It/
    And Thats It,Fuck "Flippin the Script",Ill Have It Doin "Gymnastics"/
    Bitch ,Its On when You Go Against A Champ Like Me , Im Ruthless/
    Your Like A " Moderator In Real life" , Your Useless/
    You Probably Dont Even Know what A Booth Is,You Half Ass Artist/
    No Rapper Comes "Close" To Me , And Your The Fuckin "Farthest"/

    EVERYONE READ MY LAST LINE . . . . . . .

    Even in Text This Homo Has A Lisp , He Hates Very Hot Chicks/
    EVEN HIS BATTLE RECORD LOOKS LIKE A MOTHERFUCKIN DICK/ ----------- > 8--------0 ( 8-0 )

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    Uppin for the guy who takes forever to respond


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    Banned lil' tagger's Avatar
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    yo ill hit up ur battle wen he dropz hiz verse....yo man can u hit up mah battle sleepin on it.....
    honest vote......thnx dawg

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    nigga talks bout fags and dicks 24/7 now tell me who is really gay
    Cat has no wordplay, commin at vets like me will leave u M.I.A
    Iím jumpin to conclusions when u donít got a life and u talk bout dicks
    7 and 6, averaging 30 post a day. all I gotta say is u donít got chicks
    Nigga should be embarrassed displaying noobs in his sig like he got skills
    The truth kills and I aint lyin cause ur goin in my sig as one of my easiest meals
    IĎm pullin dis cats card and sayin fuckin in every line dont make u look hard
    We all no ur soft the only time u eva had a nine is when ya playin laura croft
    Nigga donít get respect neva battle a vet till today and theres no reprieve
    No need to deceive,make u be like the picture on ur countrys flag and leave (leaf)

    line 8: laura croft (tomb-raider)

    line 10:hes from canada

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    O yea lil tagger cant vote on this cause he drop his link before I drop and i will have a mod reove it lata

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    this was a pretty good battle.

    crooked had good punches. they were all pretty original. the highlight was "Bitch ,Its On when You Go Against A Champ Like Me , Im Ruthless/
    Your Like A " Moderator In Real life" , Your Useless/" offense mods, but thats pretty good. some decent wordplay as well. overall a pretty good verse.

    joker dropped some real shit too. "Iím jumpin to conclusions when u donít got a life and u talk bout dicks
    7 and 6, averaging 30 post a day. all I gotta say is u donít got chicks" was a good line, good personal. overall, another good verse, but the punches were a littler weaker than crooked.

    vote: crooked-comical.

    i spend time on your me out too: handcuffs

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    lol uppin 4 votes(1)
    .................................................. ...........................................

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    thus battle was gay as was full og dicks..AND NOT JUST THE TWO BATTLERS..anyway..crooked won this..even though his verse was gay as hell..but it was better than Joker's..flow was kind of the same..tomb raider lines are played....

    so..Crooked gets my vote..peace..

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    i think it was lara croft last time i looked joker, but other than that. i would have to say joker takes this one. truth lay in his lines about the other guy rappin about dicks and fags, not a good look homie. anyways, meta's were good and the multis in jokers was a little more effective, as was his punches.
    keep elevatin the two of yas and peep my shit asap...

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    yeah im goin with the dude above cause the gays and dicks and all that shit is played out and besides joker seemed more elevated and he flowed better....but crooked it wasnt bad and if you left out all that dumb shit i mighta give you the vote but im goin wit

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    joker took it.............

    better actually connected wit his punches.......strucutre wasn't that bad,an could be flowen.
    P.S. joker ur nice but not yet a vet man.......

    CC- tried to use big words as it didn't get it for me... only good punch was hte RB mod 1....flow was aight but punches missing?.....

    vote- joker...... ill poll this when i get 100 posts

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    Yeh i think joker took this. he just had a good flow, structure and some hard punches. Comical came through ok, didnt like his structure and hes punches didnt connect like Jokers

    vote - Joker

    Please return the fev

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    ^^link to my battle drop a honest vote.......both of u......

    return the favor

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    uppin 4 votes(2)
    .................................................. .................................................. .......

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