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Essay Writing Essentials

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Essay writing is an integral part of English language. Essay writing is common in middle school, high school, college and even after that. For some time now a lot of emphasis is made on essay writing because eventually students have to write on different forms of essays like analytical essay, opinion essay, college essay. All of these essay forms originally originate from the basic essay. An essay compromises of a short piece of writing that not only includes information but also expresses the writer’s opinion. Hence in academic writing, a lot of emphasis is made on essay writing. The demand has even given rise to academic writing services companies. Such companies provide an opportunity to students to get help from online essay writer and get the essay written for them.
For a lot of student’s essay writing is simple, for them it’s just taking out the notebook or laptop and getting to work. Whereas on the other hand writing an essay, is a tedious task for many students. It’s true that a successful essay requires a lot of planning and hard work but following some simple guidelines can make the essay writing process a lot easy for you.
The following steps are required in writing a clear, successful and cohesive essay:
Choose the type of Essay
In essay writing, the first thing is to decide on the type of essay. An essay falls into the following categories:
• Narrative Essay
• Persuasive Essay
• Descriptive Essay
• Expository Essay
• Compare and Contrast Essay
• Argumentative Essay
Deciding on the type of essay is imperative in choosing the topic and then eventually to structure it in the best possible way.
An essay cannot be written unless the writer has an idea on what to write about. Brainstorming is the phase in essay writing where you decide on the topic. The key is to relax and think and write down any point or topic that comes to your mind. Mind mapping is a good brainstorming approach; it involves writing the idea in the center of page and making bubbles of related ideas around it. At the end of the activity you will have a list of topics. Choose the best topic and move forward with the essay.
Research on the Topic
Now when you have the topic, a dedicated research is required to write a good essay. You need to gather information for your topic, for that you can use different sources like internet or library books. Interviewing people is another useful research option. It’s important that the researched data is kept organized so it’s easy to refer back.

Develop a Thesis
Thesis Statement marks the main point of the essay. This sentence let the reader know what the essay is about. It comes in the introductory paragraph of the essay and everything is referred to it.
Make an Outline
Make an outline of the essay, it helps in ensuring that the paper is well organized, logical and flows properly. It also lets the writer know how the essay will look like at the end. It paves way to a top essay writing at the end.
Write the Essay
Once you have an outline, it’s time to pen down what you have in mind.
The writing part of the essay compromises of three sub-sections;
• Introduction
• Main Body
• Conclusion
The introductory paragraph includes the thesis statement. The body constitutes the main part of the essay. It is divided into several paragraphs. Each paragraph should have its own topic sentence. All the details come under the body section of the essay. You present your arguments in this section along with facts. Make this section as strong as possible by including both the analysis and evidence. Lastly summarize your analysis in the conclusion part of the essay. Restate the thesis statement and give a closure to your thoughts and opinion. Avoid introducing any new discussion points or any new detail in the concluding remarks. Addition of new points in the conclusion part makes it look weak to the reader and gives a poor impact to the essay.
Proof Read
Carefully read what you have written once you are done with the writing part. Proof reading is essential in academic writing as it identifies errors which are otherwise missed while writing the essay. Proof reading also identifies grammatical and vocabulary errors, which further improve the essay. Reading from the perspective of a third person refines the write up by being able to identify where to end a sentence and which details should be stated in a different paragraph.
These steps serve as a basis in essay writing. Any sort of academic writing comes with practice, initially you might face difficulty in composing an essay and might want to go for essay services online but with continuous practice and devotion you will be able to write a remarkable one. The key is to never lose hope and keep practicing on the given format. But if you still believe you need help you can contact companies that provide cheap essay writing services and ease the process of essay writing for you.
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