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Collector's Survey

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Here are the first results of this yearís collecting survey. 56 people have responded to the survey, so far. As might be expected, US collectible stamps for sale, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia dominate. I have reached out to as many international collectors, trying to get a broad cross-section of hobbyists. Feel free to tweet your peeps and post to your Facebook stamp friends, letting them know about the survey.

As with last year, I tallied how many times each country or topic was mentioned by collectors as one of their 10 favorites, along with a tally of points given to each, according to their position among a personís favorites: 10 points for favorite, 9 points for 2nd favorite, 8 for 3rd, and so forth. Here are the results to this point - The points are used as a tie-breaker for ranking purposes. For example, China and Italy were both mentioned by 8 of the 56 respondents. However, China ranked higher as a favorite country on more of those lists, so it collected more points. For our purposes, then, China is ranked as a more popular country to collect than Italy.

With only 56 people submitting surveys, the numbers for each country or topic quickly drop off after the first 4 or 5 favorites, so I have cut off the country list at 21 and the topics list at 16. As more results come in, over the coming weeks, I will expand the lists.

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