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Late Bloom

see what i mean.... i can do whatever i want... life is what you make it...

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yeah thats exactly what i mean like i could put anything i wanted right here and it wouldnt matter nobody would give two fucks nobody would care if i was playing the same video over and over and over again thats crayz nobody really cares at all watch man nobody gives a fuck you can do whatever you like in all honesty i hope your all enjoying yourself and that these blogs arent too boring for you i wish i could find a way to thrill you with like an ill speculation er whatever but i just dont get it cause im young and stupid yes thats right hes a young rich king and hes stupid as fuck but whatever lets get on with it....

lol they probably wanted his father to do it because im so young and stupid and ill probably if i need to throw everything all away just trash it just bag it bin it put it out at the front of the yard week in and out and really flip shit like somebody was actually hot around here.... guess im giving in and thats all i really want to say about it so fuck it i got nothing to prove but here it is life is what you make it im going show them that.....yeah so this just one last final fuck you to anyone who doesnt know what theyre conveying as my rap skills i just tend to display fuckers...

Updated September 23rd, 2017 at 07:10 PM by Late Bloom

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