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Elegant Elephant

he waited..

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New tvs, new garments, bow tied
Gift wrap shredded into pieces of revelation
But we've had a tough year
A family deformed in an industrial graveyard

Where i never knew my real parents
And this new family took me in there home
10 Christmas' ago, smaller prints in the snow
Maybe i should move on, but i cant let them go..

With age, my leg just isn't the same
No ones giving gifts, but boxes are packed
I wont be seeing that specialist
a younger me's looking to see if everythings ok

No, when you pull off
Remember me, for 10 years later
My fate could very well be yours
Left on a cold curb with too many memories to face

All i could give you all is love
Maybe my heart wasnt big enough?
I became an anchor, you had to drop to move on
You'll never return, but ill always remember you..

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