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Is It Possible

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Is It Possible

Is it even possible?
This feeling that Iím feeling
How can you miss someone?
You never even officially met
How can you crave a touch?
You have never even felt
Is it truly possible?
To hunger for a kiss
That you never really savored
But long for the heat
Of a body youíve never laid next to
Yearn for a whisper
From a voice youíve never heard
Tell me
I need to know
I have to know
Is it possible?
I find myself staring
Desiring to rub faces
With a face Iíve never held
Thirsting to swallow a soul
I have never physically met
Wanting to be held
In an embrace Iíve never known
I am slowly losing my sanity
Anticipating the answer
Tell me now
I need to know
I have to know
Is it possible?
To want to unravel you
When I havenít gotten to know you
I think so
I believe itís possible
Maybe this craving
Is a testament through time
That testifies to us
Lovers in past lives
Predestined to meet again
And again and again
In every new life
Repeating a tightly knitted
Pattern woven through eternity
An endless love
That will stand
No matter what comes
That not even death itself
Can interfere with
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    Posting this in the forum will get more views than the blog
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    ^I agree with him