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Judge Mentill

SS league week 4

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Well Goddam if I didn't pull it back. The match against illyricist went down to the wire but I inched the votes at the end. Hell of a boost to the confidence level. Still need to get back to par on technical shit though, I've found my B game but A is being an elusive dick. The fuckers hiding up a tree in the woods somewhere.

Nahlidge this week. Dude's tighter than a walnut corset so I'll have to dig deep and come with something creative and technically sound. Assuming the ghost town the league turned into this week comes back to life and everyone shows of course. Lots of missed checks ins, Nah included, and that'd be anticlimatic as balls for the thing to be a no show.

After all, when two guys who've been here since 2002 are booked for a match, people'd want to see it right?
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