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  1. he waited..

    Quote Originally Posted by _Lyrics View Post
    New tvs, new garments, bow tied
    Gift wrap shredded into pieces of revelation
    But we've had a tough year
    A family deformed in an industrial graveyard

    Where i never knew my real parents
    And this new family took me in there home
    10 Christmas' ago, smaller prints in the snow
    Maybe i should move on, but i cant let them go..

    With age, my leg just isn't the same
    No ones giving gifts, but boxes are packed
    I wont be seeing
  2. Klass VS.Jae Crisp

    Quote Originally Posted by Jae Criisp View Post

    Klass is a chump..So If Jae lose "Ima Blame it on Luck"....
    But if Your "Shit Counts" Then Ill Click "BlowWwww"....For his Chips Now.....Yessir...Give em some "BANG for his Buck"/
    What Bravery "None"...Just another Whack Verse, See Battling you be like Torment...
    an with all them.... "Played Ass Mulites"...That Is all this Lame Formin/>>>
    ...And with that "Pen & Ink" U bring no
  3. Open Call-Out "First Battle For an Unknown Noob Here" Snipe away snipers ;)

    Quote Originally Posted by Jae Criisp View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Omega View Post
    Do you use the same, outdated style most of those Letsbeef battlers use?
    I guess well see, And Fuck Lets Beef man
    After I posted shit had my laughing quite good lol
  4. Shout Out To My Boy Trippz and *DOOMSQUAD*

    No Matter what knocks this boy down, He always arises back to his feet. Extremely talented Rapper from Edmonton Alberta Canada and one of my previous Co-Workers, Trippz will take the game by storm. His style is exceptional for his age as his quick ability to make Excellent all around tracks by the mass. Former 7/11 Employee taking Westcoast Canadian Hip-Hop to new heights along with the crew Doom Squad. Keep doing you Boys!!! 100

    Trippz *Sedated Chaos
  5. Commercial Painting Services - Toronto

    First impressions are extremely critical when attracting prospective customers to enlist the services of your enterprise. The way you gift your premises can make or smash your enterprise and many humans will choose a business enterpriseís really worth with the aid of its appearance. The antique pronouncing "donít decide a book by means of itís cover" does not observe within the cut throat global of commercial employer and for you to stand out from the competition you need to make sure ...
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