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  1. Is It Possible

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    Is It Possible

    Is it even possible?
    This feeling that Iím feeling
    How can you miss someone?
    You never even officially met
    How can you crave a touch?
    You have never even felt
    Is it truly possible?
    To hunger for a kiss
    That you never really savored
    But long for the heat
    Of a body youíve never laid next to
    Yearn for a whisper
    From a voice youíve never heard
    Tell me
    I need to know
  2. My Original Piece: Baby I Need You

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    Baby I Need You

    Baby, Where are you

    I need you tonight

    The wind is howling

    Sweet moonlight

    Is beaming through my window

    I know you have a family

    But I need you too

    Iím losing my sanity

    Thinking of you in her bed

    Touching her bare skin

    Is killing me

    I am slowly dying within

    You are with her,
  3. My Original Piece: Supernatural Lovers

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    Supernatural Lovers

    I have this feeling
    Iíve known you before
    That we once traveled
    On the oceans floor
    It was divine you and I
    Exploring different spheres
    I lighting and you thunder
    Exploring new frontiers
    Together burning through time
    Oppositeís fire and ice
    I singed you, you chilled me
    I was your perfect vice
    We lit up the skies
    We brought down mountains
    Venturing through every crevice